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10 Reasons You Must Attend Evolve Conference: Opportunities & Insights By Charles Awuzie


Charles Awuzie, the visionary behind Africa’s pioneering Generative Artificial Intelligence Platform, gemsbokGPT, and the leader of a global team of tech experts and scientists at Transhuman Coin LLC, excitedly revealed the Evolve Conference through his Facebook page on August 7, 2023, at 6:58 PM. Since then, the post has garnered significant attention, boasting 2.3k likes, 255 comments, and 206 shares.

The announcement declares:

🌟 Breaking News: Evolve Conference Registration Is Now Open! 🌟

Hurry, only 250 seats are available! Secure your spot at www.evolve.camp.

Explore our esteemed speakers’ profiles on the website, showcasing their remarkable achievements and the value they bring to the Evolve Conference. For details on speakers, check the comment section.

Special thanks to our Partners:

🔹 Umechukwu Emezie Tony – CEO, Hallmark Properties, a generous supporter. 🔹 The Destination by Gidanka Properties – offers a fantastic discount.

Stay tuned as we spotlight more brands sponsoring the Evolve Conference. Businesses are invited to explore our sponsorship packages, inclusive of free influencer marketing via this platform. Details: www.evolve.camp/tickets

📅 Evolve Conference: October 29, 2023, in Abuja, featuring only 250 tickets.

Why should you attend the Evolve Conference with Charles Awuzie?

🚀 Classrooms prepare you for a career, but conference rooms prepare you for greatness in life.

Evolve Conference Abuja provides an exceptional, professional platform for startup entrepreneurs to build connections and gain insights from industry leaders.


Startup entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and those aspiring for tech-driven wealth creation should seize the opportunity at the Evolve Conference. It’s tailored for individuals striving to become their best selves and live purposefully. Don’t miss out!

Curious why you should attend? Discover the top 10 reasons you must be there: [List of reasons follows…]

Discover the Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Evolve Conference in Abuja with Charles Awuzie:

  1. Global Insights: Gain invaluable global opportunities and insights that can transform your perspective and approach.
  2. Network with the Elite: Connect with industry leaders and top individuals, opening doors to potential collaborations and partnerships.
  3. Serve and Learn: Engage in opportunities to serve others while enhancing your learning experience, creating a well-rounded skill set.
  4. Mentorship Platform: Benefit from Charles Awuzie’s Mentorship Program, guiding thousands in Africa on tech, entrepreneurship, and intentional living.
  5. Knowledge and Wisdom: Acquire profound knowledge and wisdom from experienced professionals, enriching your entrepreneurial journey.
  6. Business Grant Opportunity: Explore the chance to secure a business grant that could fuel your startup dreams and ambitions.
  7. Marketing Opportunities: Tap into marketing prospects that can elevate your brand’s visibility and reach, amplifying your business impact.
  8. Exclusive Book Signing EventDon’t miss out on our exclusive book signing sessions! Meet your favourite authors and grab a signed copy of Dr Charles Awuzie’s latest manual, ‘Evolve in 30 Days.’
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