Okay, buckle up because, in this article, I will be showing you the things you can do to make a guy you like to notice you and make a move. These are natural and easy signs for girls to do when they want to make a guy take notice of them.
Most ladies are shy, yeah i understand that. And you don’t want to be forward, right? You want to be as gentle and careful as possible, but you feel frustrated when a guy you like and even want to date does not notice you despite your sexy looks and all. You might start getting upset seeing him with other girls, playing around and all that. But you have to let him know and you can do that without appearing desperate.

Take note of these signs:

  1. Be Engaging: Guys know the logic of engagements in conversations. The way you ask questions. You don’t want to have a boring conversation with a guy you like. You should make use of every opportunity to know about him every time you get the chance to do so. You are always inquisitive and curious to know about the guy you like. So be engaging, ask questions. A guy will know you like him from the way you keep the conversation going with him.

2. Always be ready to talk: Do not assume he does not want to talk to you. You want him to have the idea you like him, right? You see a guy sitting in class, then go and meet him. You can ask about what he is reading. What he is working on, his gadgets(this isn’t bad to ask, you just ask in the right tone). You can ask to join him, ask what he is watching or listening to. Then every chance you get to talk to him, tell him things you rarely tell people(not secrets but things about yourself), things you like, things you don’t like, where you’d love to have vacations and remember not to talk about yourself only, ask about what he wants too. The things he likes doing, his hobbies, why those hobbies interest him, etc.

Always use every opportunity to have a conversation with him

3. Look for him: You attend an event because you think you will meet him. If he does not come, then you ask why he was not at such event(you are making him know you were watching out for him, though this isn’t enough to let him know you like him) the next time you see him. However, if you guys meet at events, you can do things to make him thinks he saw you first even though you saw him first. You can open a conversation with his friend(making him jealous) or you just sit somewhere very noticeable giving him signs you free to talk.

4.Chuckles: You giggle in between conversations.Things we boys don’t even find that funny makes you giggle. For example, talk about his fashion sense, his favourite soccer team. To us, it might not necessarily look funny but they excite you and you giggle.

5. Care about your looks: You always want to look good around him. Keeping your hair neat. Having your clothes ironed. You’d even adjust the way your dress is when you sight us.

6.Over conscious: You are always sensitive about every girl you see him talking to. You cannot tell him not to talk with them though (of course you aren’t his girlfriend). You can just show him you are a little bit or jealous or even sad when he ignores you and talks to other girls instead.
7.Posture: Keep a good posture.A good sitting posture.A good walking posture.A good talking posture. Guys don’t like it when a girl is too rough(well maybe for some guys) But i like a lady who looks very well postured.
8. Recall Things: Whenever he is having a conversation with you, recall things. Things he told you that he might not even remember. It makes him excited.
9. Make eye contacts: Look into his eyes for 4 seconds, and gently but quickly move it away. We like it when you tease us like that. It also helps him develop feelings for you.
10.Tone: Every guy likes to hear this girly tone.Woooow!!!That’s beautiful
Awwwn!!!It’s cute
You are so sweet!!!
You girls do this in a rising tone(probably you don’t realise it).

So these are the 10 good signs you can use to make a guy know you like him without looking desperate.


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