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10 Ways To Build A Customer-Centered Business – Segun Manuel


Customers are the lifeblood of any Business, without the customers, businesses would cease to exist. So it is important that businesses do what it takes to find, serve and retain customers. To do this every business has to be customer centric. we will look at 10 ways to build a customer centered business:

1. Making your processes easy for the customer

Making the process to patronize your business cumbersome for the customer can make you lose customers. Always make sure that the process from when the customer journey starts with your business till it ends is simple and not too complex. Complexity in your business processes shows lack of concern for your customers.

2. Open Communication

There must be open communication channels, where the customer should be able to ask questions and get feedback promptly from your business as he goes through the buying process. Also customers should be assured of having correct information as at when due.

3. Integrity/Honesty

Men of integrity are in high demand, but in short supply. So it is for businesses, every business that is customer centered will deliver with integrity and honestly. Their word is their bond. Customers trust brands that have integrity.

4. Time Management

Time is money and the time of the customer is precious to them. If you waste the time of the customer when they patronize you through your processes, you will lose them. A customer centered business will help their customers to maximize their time.

5. Tailor your Product or service around your Customer

Before developing a product or a service, you must take out time to find out what problems your customers are facing and what solutions you can provide to meet their needs. Meaning you have to identify your customers first before you develop a product for them. What happens mostly, is that products are developed first, before we look for customers.

6. Note that the Customer is doing your Business a favour

A customer that patronizes your business is doing you a favour by buying from you. He can take his patronage to another business, thereby harming yours. Therefore you must realize and appreciate the customer for favoring you over others.

7. Appreciate your Customers

Appreciating your customer is another way that a business shows that it is a customer centered business. Appreciating the customer shows that you value them and you are showing it. It can be done verbally or by incentives or with gifts.

8. Going the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to ensure that your customer is satisfied shows that an organization values the customer. Offering after sales support is a good way if going the Extra Mile a x this helps to retain the customer.

9. Providing a wholesome experience

Customers today are not just interested in the quality of the customer service delivered but are looking at the entire experience they get from doing business with you.

10. Customer First

Putting the customer first, in your planning, organization, and implementation is key to customers today. Every business/organization must strive to see that their customer is the Numero uno in every step they take .

Segun Manuel is a Customer Service Strategist and Trainer and a Member of the West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals, Trainers Network .

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