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10 Websites And Apps You Can Get Free Money From Rich People To Start Your Business, Pay Bills,


12 Platforms That Connect You to Generous Individuals for Your Business Ideas

Whether you have a business idea or you need money to pay your bills, there are platforms where you can get money from rich people to sort out any financial issue you might have. In this post, we highlight the top twelve websites and apps you can get free money to sort out your financial crisis.

  1. Indiegogo.com: This popular platform empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to breathe life into their ideas. Whether you’re into tech or creative products, Indiegogo offers a diverse range of ideas to explore.
  2. JustGiving.com: Not just for fundraising, JustGiving is a place where foundation owners can request financial support for various needs.
  3. GoGetFunding.com: Launch your fundraising campaign and even get support for your travels. Create a compelling fundraising page, share your story, and set your financial goal.
  4. Begalist.com: A free platform where individuals can seek online donations for essentials like food, shelter, and education. You can ask for help in kind as well, like receiving food donations.
  5. Fundable.com: Access free money from generous people to fuel your small or large-scale business dreams. Create an account, set your financial goal, and share your campaign to attract support.
  6. FundMyTravel.com: For those wanderlust-driven individuals, create an account and let kind folks fund your domestic or international travels.
  7. Kickstarter.com: While not entirely free as backers expect something in return, Kickstarter is a hub for launching projects. Define your project, add the details, and kickstart your fundraising journey.
  8. Crowdfundr.com: Connect with investors who are passionate about helping entrepreneurs refine their business plans and provide financial support.
  9. GoFundMe.com: Need funds for special occasions or medical expenses? GoFundMe is a great platform to seek help for graduations, weddings, or health-related issues.
  10. Seed&Spark.com: Designed specifically for TV and film projects, this platform supports filmmakers in every aspect. Create a campaign page, outline your project, set your funding goal, and engage with potential backers.
  11. Circleup.com: Marketers looking for investors to fuel their dreams can find valuable connections here.
  12. RocketHub.com: Artists, technicians, and community builders can create campaigns to rally support for their creative endeavors.

These platforms offer diverse opportunities to connect with individuals who are willing to support your dreams, whether it’s launching a business, creating a film, or embarking on a unique adventure.”


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