There is Grace for building.
There is the spirit of a builder.
There is the mindset of a builder.
There is strategies for building.
It is scriptural to count the cost before building, but those who count the cost, don’t eventually build anything.
Count the cost not based on your finance, but based on your faith in God.
You build with faith and not necessarily with finance.
That is why most people with finance still can’t build. Because the faith to dare it, they don’t have it.

Don’t run around fathers and mentors for assistance, when it comes to building. Some of them don’t even want you to build in the first place. God knows that no father or mentor has ever given me a cup of cement to support anything we built for God.
The father or mentor you want to go to, is also believing God to build. You need personal faith for personal building.




  1. BE SURE IT IS COMMANDED BY GOD AND GOD ALONE: God will only make provision for the vision that is commanded by Him. Don’t go to your father and mentors for approval to build. Building has to do with your ministry style and not based on who you submit to. I have a cassette tape, where Papa Idahosa said, if any person tells me he wants to build a 25,000 seater Auditorium if I love him, I will tell him don’t do it, but if I want him to build what will kill him, I will tell him to go ahead. Because I know what it cost me to build faith Arena and to maintain it. Today, you will agree with me that, he was right based on what God was doing then, and not based on what God is doing now. Approval for building comes from God and the council in charge of building permits. Not from any man you submit to. Unless you are a branch Pastor and not a founder.
  2. LET IT BE ESTABLISHED IN YOUR HEART THAT IT IS NOT WRONG FOR A NEW CHURCH OR A YOUNG CHURCH TO OWN THEIR BUILDING: When you believe that the church you pastor is too young to own a church building, you won’t know when you will be twenty years as a church still battling with renting. No church is too young to have its own building. Let nobody deceive you.
  3. IF YOU ARE OPPORTUNE TO START WITH MEMBERS WHO ARE MATURED BOTH SPIRITUALLY AND FINANCIALLY, IT IS ADVISABLE YOU QUICKLY BUILD WITH THEM: This is because most of them won’t even stay with you. Some are well-wishers. Some people are to help you build and then go. Most people in every church building are not the ones that built it. Ask from those who have built.
  4. IF A PRACTICALLY NEW WORK, WITHOUT MATURE MEMBERS COMING FROM YOUR FORMER CHURCH TO JOIN YOU, THEN FIRST BUILD THE PEOPLE THAT WILL BUILD THE BUILDING. These are the people that should even delay in talking about buying land or building a cathedral. If you start a new church, and a billionaire from an already existing church decides to join you, it is a new church with a God-sent builder. Most of us use our God-sent helpers to host big programs until they got tired and left without building. As you build them in faith, be sensitive to know when they are mature to build a house for God.
  5. IF CHURCH BUILDING IS YOUR FOCUS, REDUCE EVERY OTHER EXPENDITURE AND FOCUS ON THE BUILDING: How can you be building, and be spending money on things that are not helping you to generate money for the building?
    If the focus is building, the expenditure must be building. You will use common sense to package other areas of your life and ministry. Check the money you spend in other aspects of ministry, you will notice that you are not prudent with God’s resources to you.

6A. GET A LONG-TERM LOAN AND ENSURE THE LOAN IS USED FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT WAS GOTTEN: Dont allow your love for God to make you collect loans for the building, and you use it to go and do crusades or invite big names to town.
Borrowing is not a sin, it is only a weight, just ensure you have the stamina to handle that level of weight.
Borrowing has to do with the aspect of the Bible you choose to apply. You either apply, you shall lend to many nations, and not borrow. Or you apply the aspect of borrow not a few. Or even oh My Master, it was borrowed. At least borrowing will not take you to hell or heaven. If it was a sin to borrow, God won’t command his children to borrow in Egypt.

6B. BUY BUILDING MATERIALS ON CREDIT BASIS AND PAY FAITHFULLY: When they know you are good at paying as at when due, you will be the one to choose the person you want to buy on credit from. Most churches buy on credit and pay later. It is not a sin.
This is very vital, in other not to have too many moments where you have to be away from the site because of lack of materials for workers. Just have money for their labour, the materials can be gotten on a credit basis. Virtually every church I know do this. They do it in the name of waiting for approval from headquarters for payment. Sometimes it will take weeks or even month.

  1. ORGANIZE SPECIAL PROGRAMS, WITH GUEST SPEAKERS THAT ARE VERY GOOD IN RAISING FUNDS FOR BUILDING, AND ENSURE THE PROCEEDS FROM THE MEETING IS USED FOR THE BUILDING: It is like what most people call launching. I don’t advise you to do launching. If you do launch, you will scare most people away. But those same people will attend your special meetings and give in response to a need in their lives. Don’t raise funds and start traveling around the world with it. People give not to meet your needs, but to meet a need in their lives. This is how most fathers and leaders operate, They won’t teach you this, I am teaching you for free.
  2. AT A CERTAIN LEVEL OF THE BUILDING RELOCATE THE CHURCH THERE, OR DO SOME SERVICES THERE. This will force those who have money to bring it out. No rich member wants to see a picture that is like a shame to God’s name. I relocated our church to our current site under the galleries until we were able to roof. The galleries served as the roof. After roofing, we started using the main altar. Hope you know very well, that before Faith Tabernacle was roofed, Papa Oyedepo did services there in the open air. I was in a breakthrough night, where the richest pastor in Arica, if not the richest in the entire world, did service in a building not roofed. In preparation for dedication. In the words of Papa Oyedepo then, if we did not move in without roofing it, it would have been impossible to move in. You see where faith comes in.
  3. BE DANGEROUSLY FOCUSED WITH THE RESOURCES COMING IN FOR THE BUILDING: The season of building, is the season of great resources. Money must regularly come to a church that is building because you now have a legitimate ground to ask people for money. But the problem is that you may be carried away and be doing other things with the same money that was given for the project. So be dangerously focused.
  4. DON’T BE A ONE-MAN SQUAD, CARRY PEOPLE ALONG. THERE MUST BE A BUILDING COMMITTEE IN PLACE: This is to give room for transparency, accountability, and involvement. When you say the church is built by faith, And everyone should be part of it financially, these groups of people know you are speaking the truth. They will also help you to mobilize people to give. The only time you don’t need a committee is when you are building your private house from your private purse.
  5. REACH OUT TO YOUR FINANCIAL PARTNERS OUTSIDE OF THE CHURCH YOU PASTOR: The first boat Jesus used for ministry was given by a sinner, and not by a member of his ministry. When there was a breakthrough that resulted in the challenge, that same man called on other partners to come and join them to preserve the harvest. Your Membership and your Partnership are two Kingdom Relationships given to you by God for the accomplishment of your purpose on earth. The balance for our church land came from a man that has never worshipped with us till date.
  6. CONSTANTLY GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR EVERY STAGE AND THEN BLESS AND THANK THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR SUPPORT SO FAR: This will make both God and man do more in seeing that the project is accomplished. People are moved to do more when their little efforts are appreciated.

I have given you the little I know, add it to the much you know, And together we shall succeed.

Written by

Irabor wisdom
Presiding Bishop
Answers Assembly Warri Delta State.


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