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13 Things You Should Know Before You Call Yourself An Entrepreneur


1) Entrepreneurship isn’t side hustle.

2) Entrepreneurs aren’t hustlers.

3) If you run a one man-army business you’re not yet an Entrepreneur.

4) If you do not have a business structure and system in place you’re not an Entrepreneur.

5) If you aren’t paying salariesssssss, you’re not an Entrepreneur.

6) If you’re yet to have recurring customers (loyal customers) who buy from you without any marketing support, you’re not an Entrepreneur.

7) If your business has no shareholders, no equity stake, no form of external investment (aka other people’s money) you’re still a business owner not an entrepreneur.

8) If your business isn’t paying tax you’re not an Entrepreneur.

9) If you’re yet to build a working B2B relationship with any financial institution, e.g Banks, you’re not an Entrepreneur.

10) If your immediate community has no clue you business exist, you’re still a Business Owner.

11) If your business has no Board of Advisors or Directors, you’re not an Entrepreneur.

12) If your business cannot survive without your presence or input for at least 6 months to 1 year, you’re not yet an Entrepreneur.

13) If your Business Name has no Brand Equity you’re still a business owner.

So, if you’re not an Entrepreneur yet, what are you.

Level 1) You’re A Professional
You’re the product, You’re the Business.

Level 2) You’re A Business Owner.
You have a product. You carry out situational transactions. Zero Structure. No systems. No clearly defined Strategy.

Level 3) You’re An Entrepreneur.

The reason why many aren’t growing in business is because they ascribe Level 3 title on themselves while they’re still on Level 1 or 2.

Sadly you cannot jump the process.

Also, do you know there are many Professionals who are wealthier than Entrepreneurs?

Elon Musk became a Billionaire as Professional before becoming an Entrepreneur.

You can build wealth being a Professional or a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur.

However, being an Entrepreneur entails more than mere titles or chasing the Benjamin.

Entrepreneurship is about Legacy.

It’s about building a generational economic institution (business) that will outlive you.

To build a legacy, you must die to self.

Entrepreneurship entails sacrificing it all to build a business that will serve humanity, provide jobs and means of livelihood for those living and future generations to come. Some of whom you may never meet in life.

Before you call yourself an entrepreneur, reevaluate and reappraise.

Count your cost.

~ Daniel Adeniyi


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