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20 Events In Port Harcourt This December 2022 You Don’t Want To Miss


December is here again and everybody is talking about Christmas party, events , traveling and cruise. And of course you know Christmas comes with lots of events. From street carnivals to festival to concerts to comedy shows to cultural events , beauty pageants, parties, wedding , business launch – every kind of events. And sometimes deciding which one to attend can be stressful and confusing.

To help you, we have compiled a list of top events in Port Harcourt you might be interested in. Scroll through to see.

  1. COZA Port Harcourt Christmas Carol

For someone like me, one thing i look forward to every Christmas is Christmas carol, and COZA Port Harcourt choir, The Avalanche has never disappointed Port Harcourt people. This year’s edition is tagged LORD OF LIGHT. The date is December 14th and the time is 6pm. See flyer for more.

2. Galaxy Music Awards

The Galaxy Music Awards aims to celebrate and rewards music artists .

3. Afro Street Festival

4. Gospel Gang Carnival

5.Oshikiri Festival

6. Sabinus Live In Port Harcourt

7. Bonny Uncensored

8. Golf Estate Trade Fair


10. Port Harcourt International Trade Fair

11. Christmas In Port Harcourt

12. Port Harcourt City Marathon 2022

13. Maxi Live In Port Harcourt

14. Bornfire Night PH

15. Christmas With Jesus 3.0

16. Obedient carnival 2022

17. Port Harcourt Creative Hangout

18. Games Festival

19. Port Harcourt Vendors Festival


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