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30 Powerful Quotes By Pastor David Ibiyeomie From Glory Reign 2022


Pastor David Ibiyeomie addressed almost every aspect of life during the Glory Reign 2022 , and if we are to curate all his quotes during the event, a blog post won’t be enough. However, below are the 30 quotes we think will bless your life the most and cause you to think and act in line with God’s word:

1. You cannot service God and not be remarkable.

2. When you’re chosen by God, you will enjoy everything best thing that world will offer.

3. Glory Reign is you manifesting the flawless nature of God that make you enjoy the beauty of God in life.

4. Salvation encompasses every benefit that redemption has to offer.

5. Restoration gives you supernatural speed that defers time.

6. Life becomes frustrating when position and years are lost.

7. Until you are saved from sin, you cannot be restored.

8. Your belief provokes your reality.It is your task that will determine what you will get from God.

9. You cannot sign without the anointing. The anointing is not just to pour oil on your head, it’s just a medium.

10. Your heart determines what enters into your heart.

11. When you’re empowered by God, you become successful in everything you do in life.

12. Those who carries anointing cannot be intimidated in life.

13. The anointing activates your spiritual authority and enable you to manifest on earth.

14. The sons of God cannot manifest without the enablement of the Holy Ghost.

15. The anointing makes Captains out of captive.

16. It is favour that ends labour.The favour of God eliminates emptiness in life.

17. Favour makes you a center of attraction to the world.

18. The anointing makes you a notable personality.

19. When anointing come upon you, barrenness will turn into fruitfulness.

20. Divine protection is the right form of protection. God is the source of the right protection.

21. You can never have a successful future with a wrong picture.

22. When your time is restored, your benefits are reinforced.

23. You will prosper when you remain at the center of your strength.

24. You are accountable to God and you must use the resources He blesses you with to accomplish His purpose.

25. The mind is the battle ground for all limitations .

26. Soul winning is a true demonstration of your love for God.

27. Love: the commander of glory.

28. Yahoo yahoo is a satanic, demonic way of getting money.

29. The Holy Spirit is Jesus unlimited

30. The holy spirit beautifies seemingly chaotic and colourless situations .

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