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7 Things A Church Needs To Get The Best From Social Media And Digital Marketing In 2022


It’s a new year. Glad we made it. It’s another opportunity to do things better. Right now everybody is planning and strategizing to make 2022 the best year yet and organizations like churches are not left out; everybody wants to do better than they did last year.

As a digital marketing professional who works with churches and pastors to get the best result from their online marketing efforts, I feel it’s my responsibility to help the churches do better with social media and digital marketing through my writing, training, consultancy, speaking, and more.

Below are the 7 things you need to get the best results from your online marketing this year :

1. A digital marketing plan for 2022

Proverbs 21:5 says, 
“The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.”
Social is not something you just get up and do, you have to define your objectives, set your goals, know your success metrics, your audiences, channels, and more.
Starting without a plan this year is like getting into your car and driving without knowing your destination and how to get there.
Start with a plan!

2. Digital Marketing team

Before Jesus started his ministry , He built a team in Peter, John and others. His disciples were his marketing team, you also need a team to succeed. I know you probably have a team, but they might not get the results and you need to do something about it.
You need to invest in your team this year. Maybe hire an expert to help you build a great digital media team.

3. Training and training

Digital Marketing for us who are professionals is not something you learn once and that’s all. There are always new tools and updates to learn, new strategies and more. What worked last year might not work now and you have to stay updated to be able to deliver.
Surprisingly, many churches’ social media teams are yet to learn the basics. Train and retrain them!

4. SOP for social media

A standard operating procedure is one thing most churches do not have for their social media or digital marketing unit. If you are not able to set standards and develop a seamless process for everyone to follow to achieve results in line with your ministry’s values, mission, and visions, chances are you might never get reasonable results.

This might be one thing you need to set your ministry on fire this year.

5. A Digital code

In today’s world where attention is the currency and in Nigeria for instance, clout is the price, it makes sense to have a digital code for your workers and by extension members in general. You want to have your unique identity and stand out even as you project the gospel through digital media channels.

6. A Social media culture

If you don’t have a strong social media culture in your church , it’s time to build it. From the lead pastor to associate pastors to leaders and HODs to workers to regular members, everyone must understand the social media culture in your ministry and see social media as a tool for evangelism. They must be responsible on social media knowing they are representing the church and Christ.
I know it might take time for churches that only started taking social media seriously after the coronavirus pandemic. However, with consistency, you can have not only workers but digital evangelists and Christ ambassadors.

7. E-church

If you Dont have a system for the online church, you are missing out. You Don’t want another thing to happen before you build your online church.
A good system for the online church should have data of your online members, track them, receive offerings, seeds and testimonies just like the normal members.

The good news however is that, this is what I do. Some if the churches we currently work with include COZA,  FirstLove Assembly, Lifegate Power Ministry, International Christian Center. 

We consult, train and manage digital marketing campaigns to promote their church programs and events.

Also, I speak on social media marketing and online business. 

Henshaw JacobsonLead Consultant, QliqMedia Cofounder, Naira Diary.

Call me on 08070950313


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