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After 10 Months In Prison, I Became Unstoppable – My ACE CHINA


After 10 Months In Prison, I Became Unstoppable – My-ACE CHINA

The Mayor of Housing today took to his Facebook page to share this inspiring story and we cant help but share to inspire someone.

He wrote:
“Let my story strength you.
I define optimism as the ability to have the best positive reaction and belief, even in the face of negative occurrences or circumstances.
And I’ll best define this with my story…

In 2013, I lost my business. I use to have a filling station in a village called, Eziama-Obaire in Nkwere Orlu.
I lost a 32 million naira business and I was owing 18 million naira, because I didn’t have enough internal control and auditing in place- IT WAS MY FAULT!👌

And because of 1.8 million naira I was owing, I was thrown into detention. I was in the state CID, Owerri for two months, after which I was transferred to the Federal Prison, Owerri.

I was in prison for 8 months after having spent 2 months in the CID jail. So I was locked up for 10 months altogether.

But I was very optimistic in that period in jail, because I saw it as a retreat period, a period to reflect and think. So while others were wallowing and crying in prison, I was meditating and asking myself questions;
-What could I’ve done better?
-What didn’t I do right?
-What would I do better when I come out?

And it was the meditation and optimism that made me so happy even in jail. In fact, I was so happy that I was nearly thrown into the cell for mad people.

The warders kept saying that they’ve seen anyone that happy in prison.

But, I wasn’t happy because I was in prison, I was happy because I was learning my lessons and I was getting better.

And I was aware that when I would come out, I was gonna do faaaaaaaaaaarrrrr better than even the people who threw me in jail for owing them!

I was so optimistic, I read, I read the Bible and so many other books, I planned and I wrote so many dreams and plans while in detention. And even when I made it out, it was the optimism that led me to keep believing and deciding to pursue them, despite all the setbacks.

And today, I can say that the best parts of my growths and development were the times I spent in prison. Because I didn’t allow the prison to conquer my optimism.

When my optimism was able to conquer the prison, I knew that there was nothing on earth that could conquer me.
When prison could not quench my dream, I knew that nothing on earth could quench my dream.
When prison could not stop my enthusiasm, I knew nothing on earth could stop my enthusiasm.

And when I left the cell, I became unstoppable. So when people cry, I laugh, because the things that makes them cry are so little compared to what I’ve conquered.

My counsel to you is that whatever you’re going through, remain positive, believe that it’ll pass, believe that you have a better future.

Close your eyes and see the joy of conquering in front of you and react the best positive way by growing and getting better.

The best reaction to challenges is growth.
If you can grow your strength, belief, happiness, joy and grow your YOU.
Then you’ll become better when it passes.

Keep growing
Keep being optimistic
For optimism is the panacea for all challenges.

Have a jolly good week, filled with unconquerable optimism!!!”.

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts?


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