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The BBNaija Reunion Show 2021 Is All About Normalising Shamelessness. Here is why!


Let’s start with this reunion.
Until this BBN reunion, I used to think that there was no animal like the chameleon, but now there is Ka3na with a chameleonic accent that fluctuates like the forex market.

When she speaks sometimes I will be like, wow! The accent that this  Ka3na girl cannot use does not exist.

Not only that. According to her, One of her biggest achievements in the house remains the s*x she had with Praise.  In her words: “I pull him and fu*k him on my bed and he didn’t even last more than 5 seconds.” 

Everything about her is chameleonic- from aggressive cuddling to 5-sec show

Anyways, na Desmond Elliott cause am. 600 years for Kayode for playing us wayo蘿

And Kiddwaya couldn’t even wait for her to finish before applauding  her and saying  “I’m proud of you.”
Proud of a woman who claimed her husband sponsored her to the Big Brother House but pulled a guy and had sex with him not minding the fact that the camera was on them and still shamelessly bragged about it?
E shock you?

I won’t be wrong if I say that she’s the reason some people are now asking if it’s good for a Christian to date an Ogoni girl.
You people shouldn’t mind her. 100 per cent of the Ogoni ladies have met are the opposite of everything she represents.
Maybe Kid is proud of her sexual nomadism as they both seem to be in sexual alignment.
Still, Kid could be playing his part of normalising shamelessness.

And then there is Dorathy who is now the Queen of blow j*b.
She admitted to giving  Brighto the best blow j*b of his life in the house. 
But what we dont know is if she left the job or Brighto sacked her.

However, I won’t be surprised if her fans start saying that a blow job is better than no job under this Buhari government.
How much is the salary for blow j*b sef?

That’s not all……Tolanibaj’s level of foolishness is unprecedented.Her foolishness is unforgettable. Sadly, just like Dora and Ka3na, she’s shameless.
And Prince…..Only you is Interested in Dora, Nengi, Tbaj, Wathoni….oh! Prince of the girls.

Truth is, BBNaija is more than a reality tv show. BBN is the number one platform that influences Nigerian culture at the moment.

While businesses with big marketing budget leverage the platform to advertise their brand, for young people, it’s the easiest road to stardom.

If you flashback to the first edition and fast-forward to 2021, you will notice that each year comes with a theme and from the theme, you can tell the direction that the show is going and by extension the culture they are trying to influence.

2019 edition was all about Kayanmata, small girls with big gods, breast and butt enlargement and more.
While Tacha was at the forefront of putting the kayanmata business on the map and also making sense of using it to be a successful small girl with a big God, Mercy on the other hand was more about celebrating the blessings that come with enhanced butt and boobs.

Today, millions of Nigerian girls take a loan to buy kayanmata.Some girls even use their school fee to sow seeds to the gods of big bum bum with the hope of making enough money after to live a big girl lifestyle on campus.

And recently, I heard, girls now put seasoning cubes in their anus to increase their bum bum.
E shock you, abi?……Wait!

Kayanmata sellers are now the most popular millionaires on Instagram and they now comfortably hire some of the BBN stars as brand ambassadors.
Big bum bum,  kayanmata, vigina tightener, sweetener and organic cream are now more important than a first-class decree 

The Kayanmata lifestyle is now the standard for many girls. For those who don’t have, depression is their middle name.

And when these girls say “cut soap for me”, what they are saying is either give me the kayanmata you are using, I need your organic cream vendor, connect me with a sugar daddy like yours or give your vigina tightener and sweetener  來

Not that these things were not happening, no, the BBN platform only made it popular and the housemates sold it to their fans and now it’s not normal but its the standard.

And it won’t be long before shamelessness becomes a normal thing.

While all this is happening, church people are only complaining. People who could set up platforms to promote good values are quiet. Some of them cannot even tweet about what they believe.

For them, ” social media is my thing”, I dont like posting , bla bla. Don’t worry, I only pray your daughter does not end up disgracing you like these blow jobers and 5 seconds players on international TV.

The weather is cold. Let me go and make hot tea, drink and cover myself with the blood of Jesus


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