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Bishop David Oyedepo Message At Ministers Conference : Unveiling Our Next Levels Heritage in Ministry


Unveiling Our Next Levels Heritage in Ministry by Bishop David O. Oyedepo

No one ever arrives at a future he is not prepared for. – Isa. 5:13, Dan. 11:32

Those who value knowledge and place demand on it will always do exploits. – Isa. 5:13
What you don’t know, you won’t know; what you can’t learn, you won’t know and what you don’t know, you will pay for it.
You are not at your bus stop; your greatest and brightest days are still ahead. – Matt. 11:11

Next level is not an ambition nor an aspiration, it is the heritage of the redeemed. – Prov. 4:18

You have a destiny of no limits in Christ but you are only led on this journey from one phase to another by the Spirit of the Lord. – John 14:12
You are loaded with great virtues with the capacity to set you above all nations of the earth.

There are no ceilings on your destinies as ministers. – Deut. 7:22

God will set you above all the nations of the earth when you do what He tells you to do. – Deut. 28:1

Every encounter with the Word, when put to work opens a new chapter to any ministry.

God will not stop advancing you until you back out.

God is ever committed to your continuous progress. He never leads backwards but forward. – Deut. 2:3, Mic. 2:10

When you are not tired of moving with God, He will not be tired of moving you forward. – Isa. 60:22

God is always interested in your advancement and forward movement.

Revelation empowers your access to the next levels.

What you know doesn’t change you, it is what you do with what you know that changes you.


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