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Comedy Unusual With Youngkel Was An Evening Of Fun And Laughter ( highlights )


We cannot talk about entertainment in Nigeria without mentioning comedy, this is because creative comedians like Youngkel are raising the bar every day.

For the past seven years, Youngkel has been hosting his comedy show, ‘Comedy Unusual With Youngkel’ and September 25th, 2022 was the seventh edition. This edition featured some of the biggest comedians in Port Harcourt and South-South – the likes of Prince Hezekiah, KO Baba, Dr. Vee, GSN, Mr. Dav, and Mc Brownson who was the host were some of the comedy acts for this edition

High point of the event was when Youngkel made his grand entrance with colorful lights wearing a white skirt and boot. He shared how he started from a humble beginnings reminding his audience how he’s been consistent in last years. Another beautiful moment was when he brought his mom on stage who seemed proud of her son. His mother was more prouder when he handed a dollar bill to her and promised to keep making her proud .

In case you missed it, no amount of storytelling will completely paint a picture of what happened exactly at Comedy Unusual With Youngkel last Sunday. However, these photos from the event will help to an extent

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