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Darlington Ibekwe Narrates How He Was Abducted By Armed Men And Dropped After Emptying His Account


“813th February, 2023, around 11pm, I was abducted at World Bank axis of Owerri and by people I suspect to be men of the Nigerian Police and taken to someone’s private home at Ohaji Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State driving through Avu axis.

I was driving back from West brook Hotel, Owerri with Samuel Chieke, where I was with my team adding finishing touches to the DCI Pool Party 3.0 which was scheduled to hold the next day, 14th February, 2023.

I took the newly constructed road that links Ebere Links Junction off Port-Harcourt road to Ideal Suite Junction, World Bank to access my home at world bank when I noticed a rickety old model Toyota Hiace following me, my driving was inconsistent because I was on my phone at the same time, I suspected the vehicle because it’s driving was also inconsistent like mine, I quickly throttled up, got to ideal Suite Junction, took my right which leads to Dreamland Junction, world bank instead of my left which leads to world bank last roundabout where I live, by that time of the night, it would be very lonely, reason I opted for the right where would be very lively by that hour.

Just before Dreamland Junction at World Bank, opposite Orchard Pharmacy, this vehicle double crossed me with four men fully armed jumping out and asking I enter their vehicle, in my mind, it was police officers so there was nothing to be scared of since I haven’t done a thing,Sam tried to follow them with our vehicle and they pointed a gun at him and asked him to stop, these guys veered off to Portharcourt road and drove straight down, at some point, they covered my eyes, that was when I became tensed, they got to police checkpoints, it was very easy for them to go through, they used slangs for police officers, something like “gazetted” and all, this heightened my suspicions about them being police officers, they took me into a village at Ohaji Egbema LGA, someone private residence and dropped me off at a corridor there, locked connecting doors.

Around 10am the next day, these guys came to me, everyone used a durag to cover their faces except one person, they used my account to fund an online crypto wallet, they took about N600,000 off me then dropped me off inside Avu community around 1pm, I contacted Samuel, he didn’t take his call immediately, I reached out to Ifeanyi Onukwubiri, he wasn’t closeby, I reached Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy, he was at Portharcourt road axis already so he connected with Samuel immediately, I shared my live location with him on whatsapp and they drove straight down to pick me up, I couldn’t get out on my own because I didn’t have a dime on me at that point.

What hurt the most through this was when I was out and some people very close to me whom I could always stand for made silly comments suggesting the abduction was a prank or a fake, one thing I pray is that they experience this very dark ordeal that I’ve had to go through.

I am grateful to everyone who reached out so far, those who paid visits to my family especially Darlingboy Ogbu & Ahamba Bestman, those who started raising money incase a ransome was demanded, those who visited different police stations searching for me, especially Iwuala NNAMDI Paulcy, Ifeanyi Onukwubiri, Sure-Dude Emmanuel, David Jobs Chukwuoma, Ayodeji Omolayo, MC Toothpick etc, thank you Praise SLIM GIRL for always checking up.🙏🏽

I’m super grateful to Maria Ude Nwachi who didn’t sleep till she heard from me.

The Nigerian Security System needs to be properly fixed.

But the beautiful thing is we’ve gone past this stage now, I’m here now and fully. 🙏🏽

Good morning DCI Family. ❤️

Darlington Chidera Ibekwe (DCI)
2nd March, 2023.”


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