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Election Day Starter Pack: 10 Things You Need As You Go Out To Vote Today


The much anticipated 2023 general election is finally here. Today, February 25, 2023, is the presidential and national assembly election – we will be voting for our next president, senators, and house representative members.
And there is a process which includes accreditation. INEC regulation states that the method of voting shall be by the BVAS. This might take time and even if you get to your polling unit before the officials arrive, chances are you might still have to wait for hours especially if the turnout at your center is much.
Meanwhile, here are the ten you need in your Election Day starter pack

1. Your PVC
This is the most important thing because, without your permanent voter’s card, you cannot vote and all your efforts will be wasted. Dont get to your polling unit and find out you didn’t not carry your PVC.

2. Umbrella
You might need to check the weather forecast before leaving your house. But still, an umbrella is important regardless- you can use it whether there is rain or the weather is sunny.
3. Wear something comfortable
Election is not a fashion contest, just look simple and comfortable. Wear something that allows you to walk freely and can run if situation demands. Jean with t-shirt and sneakers fit perfectly.
4. Your phone
Even though phone is not allowed in the polling booth, however, you need to communicate with your family and friends and also stay updated on what’s happening.

5. Power bank and charging cord
I’m sure you wouldn’t want your phone to go off because of battery, well, Dont forget your power bank and charging cord .
6. Money
You might need money to buy something for yourself or someone. They say money is a defence and it sense to always have money.

7. Water
You are likely going to get thirsty. You must go with your water bottle

8. Sun Glasses
The sun might be much and you will need your glasses to protect your eyes.

9. Snacks and soft drinks
It’s normal to get hungry and tired on a day like this. Make sure you arm yourself with everything including water, food and drink .

10. Handkerchief

Even if you Don’t like perfume, you have to smell nice at your polling unit. Aside from smelling nice, Chances are the sun will be hot today and you will sweat, so you need a handkerchief. You also need it to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
Vote wisely and avoid violence.

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