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Erotic Friday: Her P***y Is My Meat -Kolade Olaniyan


I know some of you are looking for a Muslim friend’s house to eat meat and just as Jesus told his disciples while sitting on the well talking with the samaritan woman in john 4 that his meat is not food . Same way I tell you this morning that my meat is not cow or goat killed , my meat is my woman pussy. I want to eat her till she scream out loud and shower my head with squirting holy water.

Pussy eating is often lumped into foreplay, but it needs some foreplay of its own. I do massage her back while she lie down on bed and make her relax. I dont just jump into eating her pussy. I squeeze her hip and rub her nipples . Smach her butts and rub her hair backward kissing her lips and romancing her .

Then I move down to her already wet pussy and use my tongue to make a circle on her clits just like the children of Israel move round the wall of Jericho in seven days and it fell. I move round the clitorial wall with my tongue until it collapse and call for me to enter triumphantly into the pussy paradise , the blessed home.

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