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Facebook Launches New $25 Million Program To Support Black Creators


There has been a conscious effort by Facebook to support diversity and inclusion. On August 6th 2020, Facebook announced the launching of a $25 million program to support black creators.

This was contained in their official statement:

“We are committing $25M to Black creators this year to better support the Black community on Facebook and Instagram; as part of this investment, we are launching a new program to equip the next generation of Black creators with the funding and resources to succeed.What would you do if you had the resources, community, and funding to make your dreams come true? We’re asking up-and-coming Black creators to put their creative talents to the test with our program for Black creators.

Our program is intended to amplify Black voices, and is geared towards Black creators aged 18+ with a minimum of 10,000 followers on either Facebook or Instagram (note that a combined follower count of 10,000 across platforms does not count). Creators must reside in the US (i.e., the 50 states and the District of Columbia).”

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