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Five Ways You Can Keep Your Finances From Dying If You Have Lost Your Job

What Can Do To Make If You Lose Your Job



Many many men that I know lost their jobs 5 or even 10 years ago.

They lost their job and lost their self.

This is 2023, a man is still sitting at home, jobless and penniless, because he lost his job in 2017.

It’s been 6 years, but he is still sitting and crying over that job.

Sadly, such men drag their wives and children into intense suffering.

I had once written about this and asked fellow men to find avenues to help such men who have lost themselves because they lost a job.

Women are rarely ever like that.

I have never seen a woman who lost her job 6 years ago and is sitting at home, hungry and jobless, crying over that job.

I do not know a single woman like that.

Sharp, sharp, the woman would have started frying akara or selling things or doing whatever she needs to do to earn money for her children.

So since this a problem that is common with men, I thought to write about it and provide some guidance for such men.

Dear married man, please I beg you in Heaven’s name, that job is not your entire life.

Do not lose your life because you lost a job.

Move on, grow and excel.

Here are a few suggestions for you to make money while hoping for another job
1. If you are paid any severance package, maybe 3 million, just take out feeding and house-running money for the next 4 months, then run to the bank and do a fixed deposit with the money.

Let the money be resting while you organize yourself.

My preference at this point would be a big top-tier Microfinance bank, not a commercial bank. They give better rates and are more positioned to help you start a small business. (Please choose your own option).

2. Make a list of your skills from your past work experiences. Then ask yourself which of these skills you can easily use in life outside that company.

For example, let’s say you worked as a HR executive in a fleet management company and you hired maybe over 200 drivers during your work time.

Can you think about immediately helping people to hire drivers and make something monthly from it?

3. Consider a business, but one that fits your peculiarities.

Do not rush into business with the money the paid you, especially if you do not have prior experience.

But you should consider a small business that doesn’t take up all the money you were paid and can leverage the business/work of others, plus your current skills.

Remember, while considering business, consider something that can yield your similar salary or more, so you do not fall below your past income level and fall into struggles.

If you need to engage the brains and time of business savvy family and friends, please do.

4. Share your mind, talk, don’t bottle up, don’t be bitter for too long, and free your mind so you can move on.

Talk and laugh about the past work life with your wife and children.

Don’t carry any bitterness.

Free up your mind so that your creative mind that can earn, will be available.

Be open to learning and starting again. You aren’t too old.

Ask your wife, your kids, your friends, your church members for ideas and contributions and guidance, if they are knowledgeable.

Be determined not to crush your financial life and yourself.

Remember, one job is not your entire life. Stand up and fight for your life again.

I hope this helps.

Can we have more suggestions please?

I love you all!

Written by Chioma Ifeanyi Eze


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