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Four Ways You Can Join The M3 Summit 2021 Live Broadcast


M3 Summit– Minister, Ministry And Ministrng is about Ministry, especially the Ministry of the saints.

M3 Summit is designed to provide teachings and resources to take budding and aspiring ministers, most especially startups in ministry. By the ministry of the saints, we mean every believer has a ministry, but of course, not every believer has a pulpit ministry. Here we are going to emphasizing the core tenets of ministry, what it means to be a minister, as well as ministering to the Lord and to the body.

M3 Summit will be hosted by Pastor Dele Osunmakinde, the founding pastor of The Baptizing Church.

Date: February 19Th – 21ST.

Time: Friday 6pm
Saturday 10am and 6pm
Sunday 9am and 6pm

Livestream of M3 SUMMIT

1. Facebook

2. YouTube

3. Mixlr


Registration for M3 Summit is FREE but compulsory. Click the link below to register.



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