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Garba Obadiah: The Beauty Of Living


What truly makes life beautiful?What truly gives meaning to life?What truly makes life colorful and attractive?
Many people have different answers to the above questions of what truly makes life significant and meaningful.
If we don’t know what  truly gives meaning to life we will be frustrated and also think that life is meaningless. I have heard some people said something like “this life is boring”
This is because what they think  makes life meaningful after getting it makes no meaning to their life,and they end up without any form of satisfaction.
What is life truly all about? If we don’t truly answer this question we would be frustrated over and over again.
An average human being knows that life is all about going to getting a degree, getting a job, getting married, making money, giving birth to children, building a house, buying a car, and so on.
All these things are important, but after getting them what next? 
As much as all these things are important they can’t never give you the maximum satisfaction that you want.
Life becomes meaningful , beautiful,l and significant the day you discover the reason of your existence.
Life becomes meaningful the day you find your WHY (Purpose). Purpose is what gives meaning and beauty to life. 
Give a man that has not discover purpose all the good things of life it will destroy him..Give money to a man you has not discover purpose that money will destroy him. 
I help young people to discover their purpose early in life, to become the best version of themselves, making notable impact doing what they love.


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