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Garba Obadiah: THE MAGIC HABIT


Do you know that when you do what the successful do over and over again, you will also soon become successful?

I came across this picture on one of mentor’s  status @elishamamman stating that these are the books he will read for the first quarter. No wonder this man is truly rich in everything.

Now tell me what power on Earth can ever stop this man from being successful? What kind of craft be it witchcraft can ever stop him?

Listen, there must be an input before an output. Whatever you put in is what comes out. When you sow corn, corn comes out. No miracle can ever change that is a law.

We have many people who have put nothing but are expecting something. This is a miracle that will never happen.

Life is a seed. You sow nothing you reap nothing. You do nothing you get nothing.
When the greatest Rabbi fed the 5 thousand there was a seed of five breed and two fishes.

Whatever you want is in a habit you don’t have. If you can change your habit your life will soon change.

Never expect to be successful when you have the habit of the unsuccessful. Never expect to be rich when you have the habit of the poor.

Change your habit change your life. Reading is a habit that is common among the successful,and it has the capacity to change your life.

I have studied the life of most of the successful people and found that they are readers.

My mentor once said “what food does to the body, that is also what reading does to the mind”.  When you have a malnourished mind, you will have a malnourish life.

Change your habit change your life.

Am always here to make you do more, become more,and have more.

Cheers to your continuous improvement!


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