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Get Set For The Largest Gathering Of Entrepreneurs In The South


Every business must do these three things

The last 60 years have been revolutionary in every aspect of human existence, culture, philosophy, science and in many respects. And yes, business was not left untouched. The way we do and succeed in business has changed for a bit.

There’s both new and enabling technologies as well as a greater demand for innovation and depth of thoughts. What remains constant across board is the need to be human, and perhaps, this is our hack. Our entrance into the complexities.

Let’s talk about the three things from a human perspective.

To make something that works, you have to think, you need to understand your audience, the problem you seek to solve and how you seek to solve it, for the humans you seek to touch. You have to iterate, juxtapose, try stuff. You just really have to think.

Make .
Thanks for thinking and making breakthroughs but we’ll never get to know if you don’t make them into usable human solutions – what we call goods and services. So yes, whilst you’re thinking, you have to hand us your brain child in form of products… and now you have a business.

Grow .
A business is not nearly enough, you have to build a notable business. You need to increase the number of people that use your product. You need to employ resources like funding, partnerships, mentors, hiring…. you have to scale.

Make in Nigeria facilitates this. Paying attention to the think, make, grow model, Make in Nigeria provides the resources, funding, and people that help you start and grow a business.
And it’s that time of the year when we deploy these resources at scale.
Make in Nigeria exhibition and conference, scheduled to hold on 7-9th October features over 6 speakers, panel sessions, talk shows and $1500 going in grants to business.
The aim is to deliver the knowledge that works in business today, to supply resources and help businesses with funding.

If you have a business in Nigeria or you desire to build one, this is for you



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