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Chioma Eze is an accountant and the founder of Accounting Hub NG and Chioma Business School. In this post, she revealed how she learned business and moved from being just an accountant to a business coach and trainer making millions of naira while also running her accounting company.

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After 11 years of fulltime career in paid employment, I wanted to start my own business.
Before then, I had zero business skills.
My parents were career people.I never sold anything in school.I had zero exposure to business before I started my business.
So hey, stop thinking I learnt business from my younger years. No I didn’t.
Guess how I learnt business.
One simple answer  – By the books.
I learnt business by doing what the business books say we should do.
I am a master implementation officer.
If you teach me something today, in 3 days, I have implemented it and started seeing some results.
That’s why I really pity people who are not self-taught or are not even investing in learning.
I am highly self-taught and I invest money to learn.
After learning, I implement and tweak till I get good, better and best results.
I am that student that would shock my teacher with amazing results.
I always tell people – business can be learnt.
I learnt business.
I implemented what I learnt.
I keep learning.
I keep implementing.
Simple and short.
Business can be learnt.
Go and learn business.
I love you.


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