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How To Be The Best At What You Do – Emeke Ossai 


Do you wanna become the very best at what you do?

Usain Bolt was a naturally born sprinter. His mum confessed that even when he was a few weeks old, he was already trying to push himself up, a very strange thing to do.

At 17, he was the fastest 17 year old in the world, already running a sub-10 seconds for the 100m dash. He won the U-20 (amateur), but that’s where talent stops, talent can only take you so far. The next year 2004 Olympics at age 18, he was second to last 😹🤣. Reality dawned on him.

It took Bolt 4 years of intensive professional training to reach his peak professional performance where he broke the world record in Beijing 2008 Olympics. That’s when he became the FASTEST MAN ALIVE!

He faced great rivalry from men like Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin who were determined to beat him, but with extreme discipline, determination and focus, he became the first sprinter to successfully defend his title in London 2012 Olympics, and he did it again the 3rd time in Rio 2016 Olympics.

You wanna be the best? Discover your natural TALENT, then TRAIN as hard as possible, give it your ALL, and the whole world will stand in awe of you!


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