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How To Prepare For A Successful Marriage-Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo


Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo is one of the highest sought after relationship experts in Nigeria and Africa. Together with her husband, Kingsley Okonkwo, they have hosting some of the biggest relationship and marriage conferences in the world. As at the time of writing this post, the power couple were preparing for their LOVE,DATING & MARRIAGE CONFERENCE.
In this post, she shares her advice on how preparing for marriage.
Do you know that marriages don’t fail in marriage? Marriages always fail before marriage. Why? Because people spend time preparing for wedding but they don’t prepare for the marriage. Marriage and wedding is not the same thing. ● Wedding is for a few hours, marriage is for life.● Wedding is for people, wedding is for two of you.
So, I see people buy their dresses from all over the world, send rings from Italy, buy shoes from London, call the best photographer, best caterer. You are arranging everything for the wedding.
When you asked them; have they read any book on marriage? You will be amazed.
If you are a single person, now is the time to invest in knowledge that will change your marriage

The reasons why marriages are failing is because people don’t know what to do. It’s not because marriage is bad. Marriage hasn’t changed. It is the same marriage our parents were marrying that we are marrying. And it’s the same strategy we should be using. But a lot of time, we don’t want to do what they did, because they are old school but you are new school, how are your marriages turning out?
I have seen men who got married and their marriages have broken and they tell you it is the mistake they made. The mistake they made is that they were learning and thinking that what they learnt was enough to cover for them and the person they were marrying.

If you want to marry someone, make sure that the both of you are going at the same pace. The Bible says; two can not work together except they agree.
If you spend 5yrs, 6yrs reading medicine, you will not practice forever, you may even retire. Why do you think that  you shouldn’t learn about marriage you will never retire from?
I have seen women destroyed their life, putting their head under men that were not prepared for marriage. Some people want to be married but they are not prepared to be husband’s. There is a huge difference between being married and being a husband or being married and being a wife.
So, if you are going into marriage, understand what is expected of you. As a man, you must be the head. As the woman, you must be ready to submit. I have never seen two people driving and you say you are dragging the steering and you will not have an accident… Anything that has more than one head, is a monster.


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