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How To Structure Your Business For Profits As A Mother


To every mum who owns a business, I truly cannot imagine what it’s like to be YOU.

The truth is, I can never be YOU so I probably won’t be able to fully understand it.

I also know you have dreams and ambitions and it feels like family life sometimes is an obstacle.

Here’s how you can structure your business and get the best of both worlds.

  1. Define your vision. If these kids were effectively managed, what kind of business will you build?
    Write it down.
    PS: Set actual targets and don’t speak big English in your vision. Plan 3 – 5 years ahead.
  2. Plan the home front.
    Create a schedule for the kids, (My wife and I did this recently and it changed many things for us. Talk to Wendy Ologe if you need help with this).

Setup a support structure.

[It could include people like siblings, friends, neighbors, hired help like nannies and maids, etc.

Please take time to select and set this up. Don’t be in a hurry]

Create a work plan that allows you to spend time with your kids, your husband or man, and to have your alone time.

  1. Define the functions you will need in your business.

[Example; Marketing, Content creation, content distribution, Admin, secretarial, coordination, buying from the market. Hiring staff, etc.

Please note that function isn’t the same thing as a job title.

Accounting as a function isn’t the same as Accountant.

Your business needs accounting, but does it need a full time accountant? Make sense? Great.
List out as many as you can identify.

  1. From the functions, create roles and job descriptions.

Assign these roles to the staff you already have, or hire new staff to take up some roles.

It is ok to combine certain roles until your business can afford to separate them.

  1. For all the tasks to be done in your business, write out the steps you follow to execute them.
    These will be the steps your staff will follow to do their jobs.
    [Example, Receiving money from customers: Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4].

BONUS THOUGHTS: Please make sure that all your staff has the documentation before they take up these roles.

Documentation includes employment letters, guarantor’s forms, position contracts, employee handbook, employee profile form, etc.


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