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How To Win A Show Like BBNaija- Nkechi Bianze


If you ever find yourself in a Nigerian reality show like BBN, where your winning largely depends on public ‘likability’; you need a STRATEGY.

Your FIRST STORY should be about the level of poverty you have suffered in this life. Tell your housemates details of your ancestral poverty knowing that the cameras will show it to the world. Tell Nigerians that you are poor, your parents suffered to feed you and your siblings. Tell Nigerians that poverty has been all you’ve known all your life. Finally, tell them how you have slept in the streets and belong in the streets.

This strategy almost ALWAYS works because Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. Most Nigerians are poor or came from poor backgrounds, so telling them about your poor background and poverty means that most Nigerians can relate to your life journey. You would have bought a chunk of sympathy votes from the masses.

Do NOT say you are rich. Nigerians don’t like rich people. The money you already have is enough for you and your generation. Let a poor person win this. You CANNOT win if you hint us that you are rich. Even though you are best in everything, you will come second or third. You will not get the price money.

Yes, we know it’s not a poverty alleviation game but Nigerians nor send you. You have enough money. We will not vote you. That’s like taking water to someone with a borehole. 🙄

  1. Be religious and godly. Nigerians are religious. If you refer to yourself as irreligious, you have lost votes. Christians will prefer a Christian to win. Even Muslims will prefer a Christian to win than a professed atheist. Just make sure you THANK GOD for everything, and say this thanks to God as often as possible.

Relate to your tribe/ethnicity.
Nigerians, no matter how much we try to pretend are largely tribalists. Even me supported Dora as my second favourite because she’s from my place in Delta State. So, I’m not innocent of this.

See, in a country of poor, deeply religious and tribalistic masses; if you can showcase your (past or present or ongoing) relationship with poverty, show religious inclinations, and strong alignment with your tribe, forget it. You have won yourself some good amount of votes.

How can I forget this? Always play HUMBLE. Just try ehn.

Then just be (or pretend to be) nice, it’s just a few weeks. Cook, Cook, COOK o (male or female), clean, give GODLY unsolicited advice especially to women, and you are good to go. It would take a strong force to pull you to second. In short, all your other sins are forgiven in advance. Just be domesticated and homely.

If you apply these strategies ehn, even if you don’t win, you will definitely get to the final.

Whitemoney played this game to the T.

I do NOT believe he is the best human in the BBN Season 6. But I strongly believe he is the best strategist that ever appeared on BBN.
He studied Nigerians and knew exactly what appealed to majority of the masses. And he acted it.

He deserves the win. It’s not easy to be so diligent and consistent in a game of strategies.

Credit: Nkechi Bianze


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