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How to Woo A Lady And Sweep Her Off Her Feet


Dear Kings, I’m reposting this for those who missed it

The first time you DM a lady, have a lengthy but light conversation.

Express your interest in her with subtle terms without intentionally declaring your mission.

When she’s getting really hooked into the conversation, end it and run off to do something even if there’s nothing
Don’t DM her again until after 5-6 days, if she DMs you first within this period then you’re onto something.

If she doesn’t, DM her and apologize for not reaching out. You’ve been busy.

Women hate busy men but love the rare attention from said busy men.

This time stay with her, don’t run off. Make up for the last time, allow her do most of the talking and how do you accomplish that? Ask her questions about herself, her dreams, her career.

Keep romance out of it for now. Let her see you as the friend you are pretending to be.
It’s now ok to ask for her number, but don’t ask as if you’re asking. Ask as if you’re demanding. “Give me your number, please” is more masculine than “Can I have your number?” Women hate weak men.

She’ll give. If she asks for yours, fine. If she doesn’t, she’s expecting your call so she can save it
Don’t call until after 3 days. Don’t DM too.

If she becomes too familiar with you, you become less interesting. Women love mystery. Let curiosity fill her heart. She’s probably talking to other guys so be different.
When you call, keep it brief. I’m sure she’s surprised to hear from you. So before the excitement dies down, tell her you’re checking up on her and will call her much later.

Keep this call less than a minute.

Don’t call for another 3 days
When you do, ask her out for lunch. If she’s interested, pick a day one week ahead. Most gents make mistakes and pick 2 days or 3 days away.

One week is fine. Let her see that you are an organized person and you don’t love to rush.
As for the venue of the date, give her 3 options and ask her to pick one so she feels like she’s in charge.

Men should always make women feel like they’re in control.
While waiting for the date, reduce verbal communication to a minimum before you will say something that you will regret and make her call it off or before she will piss you off.

Simple greetings are recommended.
Make sure you arrive 10 minutes earlier to the venue and survey it before informing her that you’re there.

Check for security challenges, exes and current girlfriends or their friends.

You don’t want to ruin your first date.

It is highly recommended to sit in your car or cab while waiting for your date to arrive so you can walk into the place together.

Compliment her dressing and tell her she’s beautiful.

Don’t press your phone. Keep it face down on the table. Focus on her.
Offer to drop her off at her junction if she didn’t drive, not at her place. Don’t give up any vibes of being with her privately yet even if you literally can’t wait.

Patience is a virtue
Don’t call her for another 3 days. Only text to check up on her.

The next time you call, ask her what she’s doing on Friday evening, that you’d love to cook dinner for her.

If she’s busy, postpone, if she’s not, buy a cook book
When she arrives, compliment her dressing, always tell her she’s beautiful. Get her light refreshment before you serve her dinner.

Sit far from her and play a classic Hollywood drama. Something she hasn’t seen.
When you remove the plates back to the kitchen you can come back and sit beside her, so it’s unintentional.

If you throw your hand over her shoulder and she leans in, then we’ve made progress
Anything you want to do from this point, you should ASK first.

“Can we cuddle?”

“Can I kiss you?”

“Can I unbutton your dress?”

“Can I suck breast?”

“Can we go inside the bedroom?”

“Can I remove your pant?”

“Should I get a condom?”

“Should I cum inside you?”

After the sex, make sure you help her get dressed up the same way you undressed her. A gentleman must remain a gentleman after orgasm.

This time drop her off at her door, kiss her goodnight.

Call her when you get home then you can now delete her number and move on.

Written by Brian Dennis


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