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JAMB Spokesperson Exposes Fraudulent UTME Result: Allegations Surrounding Ejikeme Benjamin’s Score


The spokesperson of JAMB has addressed the alleged fraudulent UTME result associated with Ejikeme Benjamin from Anglican Girls Secondary School, Nnewi.

The spokesperson emphasized a few key points regarding the ongoing controversy between JAMB, the young lady’s family, and school authorities.

It was mentioned that JAMB possesses a USSD code for delivering results upon request through text messages. When the young lady and her collaborators messaged the USSD code for her result, a UTME score of 249 was sent back to her. Despite their repeated attempts to manipulate the result to a fabricated 362 aggregate mark by resending it, her original score of 249 was consistently returned via text message.

Dr. Fabian, the spokesperson, explained that subsequent to this incident, the young woman and her collaborators decided to falsify a JAMB result sheet. However, the JAMB result sheet has over 17 security features, including a QR code. Dr. Fabian scanned the QR code when the alleged 362 result began circulating and discovered that it belonged to a Yoruba student who had scored 138 in the 2021 JAMB session. He promptly accessed the JAMB server, which he insisted was functioning optimally, to verify Mmesoma Ejikeme’s result. The investigation revealed that she had scored 249, not 362.

When questioned about the delay in addressing the public, months after the young woman had claimed to have the highest UTME score, Dr. Fabian stated that numerous individuals make claims on social media. However, Mmesoma’s case stood out because she possessed a result that could be used to support her false assertion. He further acknowledged that JAMB had been criticized for disclosing information too soon, as further investigations were required to uncover more individuals involved in manipulating JAMB results.

It was also highlighted that the result sheet Mmesoma is presenting significantly differs from the 2023 UTME result sheet. Dr. Fabian stressed that anyone wishing to verify this could compare the current UTME result sheet with the document Mmesoma Ejikeme is displaying.

As a consequence of her actions, Mmesoma has been banned by JAMB from participating in the UTME for a period of three years.

Further updates regarding this regrettable situation will be eagerly awaited.


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