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Let’s talk about guys who are used to being chased by ladies.


Personally, the last time I chased a girl, I was in high school.

And I only made the first moves and not really going after her like some guys. I was cute, smart and intelligent. Still, I had cash to buy ice cream for two😂

So, I was a spec as I could also help with assignments and exams (now, am a premium spec)😀😁

These days, I used my marketing skills and my intellectual wealth to position myself and attract the kind of people I want including girls.

Also, I believe if a lady likes a guy, she should boldly express herself- she will either be accepted or rejected, and rejection is part of life.

Looking at what’s happening in the big brother house, you might think Ozo and Laycon are not smart emotionally for refusing to give up on their love game

You could also say that Kidwaya is the king of gaslighting.

Again, you might think Erica was obsessive.

You might be wrong, you might also be right; depending on your perspectives.

The truth is, some guys are used to being chased by ladies, and they will always want to be chased and only use subtle ways to show they like you.

Some of us won’t even ask for your number( I can’t relate when guys go about asking for ladies number).

It’s not pride. It’s just doesn’t make emotional sense for some of us especially knowing there are better ways to go about it😎

However, I like it when we connect for connection sake. Or we have a conversation and it gets to a point we both decide to exchange phone numbers to stay in touch and not me looking like I’m attracted to your physical look.

For me, friendship is priceless.
If we are friends, anything is possible. Las las I will marry one of my friends and the rest will handle the food, dress, media coverage, protocol, decoration, Music, cake and security during my wedding🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

What do you think?


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