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Lionel Messi Opens Up: The Truth Behind His Decision to Join Inter Miami Instead of Barça


Lionel Messi recently opened up about his decision to join Inter Miami and shed light on the truth behind his departure from Barcelona, revealing that he had initially harbored a strong desire to return to his beloved club. However, he candidly expressed his reservations about finding himself in a similar situation as two years ago when he was uncertain about his future, not wanting to leave such a crucial decision solely in the hands of others. This time, he wanted to take control and prioritize his own well-being and that of his family.

Despite rumors circulating about La Liga giving the green light for his return, Messi clarified that there were still numerous obstacles and unresolved matters that needed to be addressed in order to facilitate his comeback to Barcelona. He expressed his reluctance to shoulder the responsibility of potentially forcing the club to sell players or reduce salaries on his behalf. Overwhelmed and fatigued by the complex negotiations, Messi admitted feeling drained by the entire process.

Interestingly, Messi emphasized that money was never a determining factor in his decision-making. Surprisingly, there was never even a discussion about the contract with Barcelona. While the club sent him a proposal, it lacked the formal nature of an official, written, and signed agreement. Consequently, his salary was never negotiated, dispelling any notion that his departure from Barcelona was driven by financial motivations. Had money been his primary concern, he could have easily pursued other lucrative offers, even considering a move to Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, Messi expressed his belief that there were individuals within the club who harbored reservations about his return, viewing it as a potentially negative development for Barcelona. This revelation hints at underlying dynamics and complexities within the organization that played a role in shaping his decision.

While Messi did receive bids from other European clubs, he dismissed them without a second thought, as his sole focus and aspiration were to rejoin Barcelona within Europe. His unwavering loyalty and dedication to the club were evident, as he reiterated his desire to remain closely connected to Barcelona. He expressed a heartfelt longing to return to the city he holds dear and confirmed his intention to live there once again. Furthermore, Messi expressed his hope of contributing to the club in some capacity in the future, driven by his deep love and admiration for Barcelona.

With these revelations, Lionel Messi bid an emotional farewell to Barcelona, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the hearts of fans worldwide. Despite the challenges and unforeseen circumstances that led to his departure, his connection to Barcelona remains strong, and he looks forward to a day when he can contribute to the club he holds dear.


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