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Men Leave After Sleeping With Me,’ Mandy Kiss, the Skit Maker, Shares Her Love Struggles


Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, renowned as Mandy Kiss on social media, recently opened up about her difficulty in finding genuine love. In an interview on the Honest Bunch podcast with Husband Material and Nedu Wazobia. She expressed her frustration, revealing that despite her attractive physique and stable social gigs and jobs, she has faced rejection from many potential partners.

She shared, “My journey to finding true love hasn’t been easy. I’ve faced numerous challenges and hardships. All I yearn for is happiness and someone who will truly cherish me. Yet, even with my financial stability and physical attributes, I find myself facing heartbreak.”

She continued, “Prospective partners come into my life, and I believe I’ve found genuine love. We talk regularly, spend nights conversing, but once we become intimate, they invariably leave.”

She also revealed that men don’t even believe her when she tells them that she’s loves them because they feel she cannot love or her heart is far from love. She went further to say that the moment they sleep with her for three or four times, they will look for excuses to leave .

Mandy Kiss became popular when she started talking about how she’s an Olosho and can knack as many men as she want . TUNDE Ednut and many blogs posted her and that’s how she became and internet sensation . Today , she has 254k followers on Instagram as at the time of making this post.


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