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Mistakes You Must NEVER Make As A GIRL In Your Lifetime


As humans, there are mistakes that we make and we can’t recover from them. Some might even ruin our lives completely. It’s worse for women in a misogynistic world- society will judge you for things you do not even have control over. However, there are principles and personal protocols you can set for yourself to help you avoid situations that will make you live in regret.

Below are the mistakes you must never make as a girl.

1. Never fight with another girl over a man.

Fighting over a man does not make any sense. You will only regret it. If the man is serious, he will prioritize you and he won’t put you in situations where you have to fight another girl. It’s not worth it.

2. Never disrespect your parents over a man.

As a Christian, you know what the Bible says about honoring your parents and long live. Disrespecting your parents means you want to die. So why die young because of a man?

3. Never fully depend on a man … work for yourself

As a girl, if you are not making your money, it’s a matter of time before see finish will start. Start a business, get a job, build your career, do something.

4. Be proud of your poor home

This should motivate you to work extra hard. See it as a story to tell when you make it instead of welcoming low self-esteem and looking for pity party.

5. Always remember that poor background doesn’t mean a poor future.

Even if you come from a poor home, make sure you produce a rich home. Coming from a poor home is not an excuse to remain poor. Build yourself and grow.

Never sell your body in exchange for money. That shit will ruin your future forever.

Society will always judge women and say nothing about the men who patronize the olosho.

Know this and know peace.

7. Have babies when you are ready not when he wants them.

8. Prioritize education. Be selfish when it come to your studies and development.

Education is a must! There is no substitute for it.

9. Never beg anyone’s son to stay or treat you right.

You are a queen and you deserve the queen treatment. However, if they can’t treat you right, walk away honorably.

10. Family is everything, never put anyone above them

If you’ve made some (hope not all), it’s okay. Forgive yourself & dust off quickly.

Written by Kendi Muthomi


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