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Mr Funny, The First Comedian In Port Harcourt To Gain 100,000 Followers On Instagram


Except you are living in Jupiter, you will agree with me that the world of digital technology has changed how we do business, how we interact as humans, how we create or consume contents and more.

A platform like Instagram has produced more celebrities in Nigeria than any government program has done to empower the youths since 1960.
The truth is, there wouldn’t be brands like Broda shaggy if not for social media most especially Instagram. 

Today, every Amaka and Musa wants to be a social media influencer ( I hope they recognize it as a job title soon).
If you are a parent and you are reading this, don’t freak out when you ask your child what he wants to become in the future and he goes like, I want to be a social media influencer.

In case you didn’t know, Cristiano Ronaldo makes more money from Instagram than what Juventus are paying him to play football for them.  
According to Forbes, “Ronaldo’s monetization powers are as extraordinary as his skills on the soccer field and he makes an estimated $47.8 million per year from paid-Instagram posts.” Yes, read it again, and don’t tell me you won’t be a proud mom or dad if your child makes that much from Instagram every year consistently knowing you won’t have to complain about Buhari’s government again even if he remains the president for the next  50 years.

For Mr Funny, he is using Instagram to change the Port Harcourt narratives. Sadly, some Instagram users think he is a Lagosian, reason being that Mr Funny makes the best Instagram skit and they think it’s only Lagosians who can deliver his quality of skit in terms of creativity, consistency and video quality.  

Late last year, Mr Funny won’t the best online comedy skit at BAE Awards.


He is planning his African Tour coming up in July.

Currently, he is running a comedy show titled “OH MY RIBS”.


Congratulations, Mr Funny on your 100k Instagram followers.


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