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My Crush And My Sister – Esther Ochoga



When I got admission into the university newly, I was very young because I got admission immediately after leaving secondary school… The registration process was so hectic because of all the paperwork to be done down to application for hostel accommodation. I was overwhelmed by the stress and was simply looking forward to the day I will finally step my legs in class for lectures…

The day finally came and I told myself… “Esther, you have arrived”. The only thing in my head at this point was how to quickly get a senior Student in the university so that we can start dating and finally getting married, all this thought were from the stories I have heard oooo

This thought subsided a little bit when some senior Students on campus told us in year one that we ain’t Student yet since we haven’t done our matriculation and that our names are only written in pencil and can be cleaned at anytime… Which kind wahala be this I said to myself and was looking forward to matriculation.

My dear sister just finished her nursing school at that time and was the one looking out for me since we were in thesame city. After my matriculation I was finally confident that my name was no longer written in “pencil and can be cleaned at anytime but in pen”.😊

My plan started coming to pass the day my sister came to my campus and introduced me to her secondary school classmate who was their FCS president or something, in short I don’t care🥴…

I saw this tall, chocolate goodness and I was immediately dreaming of how cute our kids will be… The way he speaks and smile was all I was looking at throughout the meeting. It was the final part of the introduction that finished me… My sister told me he’s a 400 level medical student. I gave a wide smile like a “head of fish” and my sister looked at me and was confused why I was suddenly so excited.

Nice to meet you I said stretching out my hands, I nearly fainted when his hands came into mine because it was very soft and cold, he held my hands tight and was still holding my hands while welcoming me and advising me… The little demon assigned to me that day was busy telling me the guy is also feeling what I am feeling since he held my hands that long.

He finally left my hand and told my sister we should head to his hostel so he can give me some books… My brothers and sisters, when I got to his room which is in the “college of health sciences” I was shocked because it looks nothing like mine. It was so beautiful and spacious, they had television and fridge in their room and a very big matrass… I immediately started imagining myself coming to that place to cool off and chill with my future husband.

He gave me some religious book and that demon did not even alert me to stop but was telling me “this is part of the feeling has developing for you”. My sister thanked him and guess what? He requested for my number and immediately I gave him, he called and told me to save his number… My brothers and sisters, which other sign do I need to know this guy has fell for me too?😔

I went back to my hostel, laid on my bed thinking about him to the extent I gave myself a break from taking my bath that night out of excitement… I laid on my back and was thinking about everything. The demon told me to call him and tell him goodnight, I fought the thought but later gave in because I wanted to keep the feeling high.

I called, he picked and was sounding so excited… I told him there’s so much heat in my room and he encouraged me to try and get some sleep. I ended the call and embrace my pillow with so much excitement in my heart…

To cut the long story short, I let the cat out of the bag after some months… Each time he passed through my campus at night from the”teaching hospital” he will stop by to know how I am doing, and when he comes… He will put his hand round my neck and be asking me questions. That closeness took my breath away each time and I wanted more closure and decided to let the cat out of the beg.

I called him one night and told him I wanted to see him, he came and I was so shy to tell him how I felt, as usual he put his hands on my neck and took me from the park we were sitting and said we should stroll… While strolling he was talking to me like an “elder brother” but still I no code🤦🏽‍♀️

I couldn’t tell him anything but promised to text him… I went to my hostel and was so nervous, I wrote my feelings on a paper and typed it more than 10times but wiped it each time until the demon help me press send….

I fainted and woke up when I didn’t get a reply… It was the next day I got a call from my dear sister Nurse Mary RN that I should come and see her after school.

Throughout the next day at lectures in school I wasn’t myself because I didn’t get a reply from him, my only consolation was the call I got from my sister to see her.

After my lectures, I hurried to my hostel, dropped my books and hurried out of school without caring for lunch because I was positive I will get something to eat at my sister’s place.

I got to her place and found out she was not at home, I stumped my foot in annoyance while blaming myself for not calling her first. While I was about to call her, I saw her alighting from a bike. I greeted her but her response was unlike her. She went and opened the door and we went inside.

I sat down waiting for the goodies while she rushed to the restroom. She came out after few minutes and looked at me then shook her head. She brought our her phone and opened something for me to read… I took the phone from her and I immediately started shivering, I read only the first line and didn’t bother to read the rest but told her I wanted to use the the rest room… I went into the restroom and didn’t come out for like 15min.

She came and knock on the door to know if I am alright, I said I am fine while pacing up and down and having tears in my eyes… her voice sound so calm or maybe it was because she was concern. I came out after about 20min.

I sat down and she started talking to me… What is the meaning of this Esther, how old do you think you are? You think because you are now in the university you can misbehave? I can’t believe this. Who thought you this? It’s not even the man coming after you but it’s you going after the man at this age? I can’t deal with this. She said…

Please don’t tell Daddy I begged her with tears in my eyes. Like I said I can’t handle this because I am sure this is not the only guy you are texting… I started swearing that he was the only one and knelt down to beg but it fell on deaf ears.

I left my sister’s place with so much hatred in my heart for that guy, I went to the hostel and couldn’t eat for the rest of the day. I however, consoled myself and moved on after some days because I didn’t get a call from my Dad concerning the incident.

Fast forward to when I was preparing for my exam… I got a text from the guy wishing me success in my papers. I looked at the message and gave the loudest hiss after calling him a “Dev!l” in my mind.

I finished writing my exams but couldn’t go to my sister’s place or travel home to meet my Dad. I got a call from my sister two days later asking if I won’t go home… I told her I have something to submit in school. I stayed back at school even when almost everyone has left the hostel… I started crying when I saw a circular that we should vacate the hostel for the holiday.

I took my things to my sister’s place and she didn’t even mention anything concerning the incident, we had a great time together gisting until it was time for me to go home and see my Dad. It was the night before I traveled that she told me that she’s sorry she reported the issue to Dad.😔 My brothers and sisters, I did vigil that night… Nurse Mary RN well-done o, I can never forget this your aproko😏

I woke up with a swollen eyes and my sister was busy telling me that it was the rice I ate the previous night that made my eyes swollen, I didn’t say anything to her because the journey ahead of me is not for the weak nor the feeble.😔

I went home and my Dad ran to embrace me when the bikeman dropped me. I was surprised because he was not looking angry at all, well, “I use to be daddy’s girl, I am a big girl now though.” He helped me with my luggages and told me he didn’t go out because he was expecting me… And he has been looking forward to my coming because the house was so quiet without me… “So I am the noisemaker right?” I said in my mind.

My confidence returned and I felt so relieved. We continued our night argument concerning politics and other stuff but he never mention anything to me and I was having the time of my life because it’s usually fun at home…

My Dad didn’t mention anything to me concerning the incident until the night before the day I was supposed to resume back to school hostel.

After dinner he called me to sit down, I sat and my Dad started narrating history for me… To extend of telling me about the civil war. He told me how women carry themselves in the olden days and he told me what is going to happen in the future before landing on the “fact in issue”.

My Dad started reading out the message I sent to the guy for me and of a truth, the water that was coming out of my nose at this point can fill 5 litre container because the water from my nose was more than the tears gushing from my eyes(My Dad always succeed in using only his words to beat me)😢

My Dad finished talking and started encouraging me and told me to go and sleep when he was done. I went back to my room and checked the time and noticed it was 11:20pm… So the talk lasted for 4hours plus because we started around 7pm.

I went back to school and one morning while brushing my teeth outside I saw the guy passing to the Teaching Hospital with his mates, I ran inside my room to see him very well through the window because I’d get a better view from that spot without being seen.

Sincerely speaking that was the first time I noticed that the guy was not even handsome at all… I started blaming myself for going through so much trouble for this ugly guy, the way he walks was so annoying.😒 I left the window and went for lectures after blaming myself for making that mistake.

Two weeks later I went for SISTERS MORNING DEVOTION in the hostel for first time… It’s a fellowship that holds in the hostel 3days a week in the morning. I detest that fellowship so much in the first semester because it felt like a disturbance but after my Dad adviced me to look for a fellowship and join and I do make good friends there and truly I joined and made good friends and also became a born again after I joined.

After some years in school I because the General Coordinator of the Sisters Morning Devotion and God has really helped me and still helping me.😊

School fellowship is simply the best, I will send some pictures of some of my little efforts in the school fellowships.


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