Home News Nigerians React As Kano Govt Dethrones Sanusi

Nigerians React As Kano Govt Dethrones Sanusi


“SLS is more useful to Nigeria than Kano………..Kindly fly him as your presidential candidate.

“He is too cerebral to be caged by a stool………..”. And you the social media intellectual truth speaker is too cerebral to be a mere SM critic.

“He has now been set free from the bondage of the stool…..”. Something we should all be genuinely grateful for if we are being truthful.

“SLS was done a favour by being dethroned……….”. This is worth true thanksgiving.

“God is the only king that cannot be dethroned……….” Well done Sheikh

“The north has lost a true king……” So the remaining Emirs are village heads abi? Meanwhile, who is the true king of the South?

“He was too sophisticated and modern for the throne”… He should definitely be a British Monarch not a Nigerian monarch

“A revolutionary that no one can shut up….” Definitely my dear.

“His type is rare in the North…”. How many of such intellectuals does the North have?..Such a pity that the North will allow one of his few intellectuals to be dethroned as King….all the Kings in the South are Intellectuals.


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