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Non-stop Nigerian DJ music ‘VibingLive’ launches music app


VibingLive is a non-stop DJ music platform that makes audience around the world to Keep Vibing to a creative mixed tunes of the best of Nigerian music.

VibingLive app now available in Google stores (follow @vibinglive1 for app link) plays a high quality mixed down of over 50 trending songs every 60 minutes in heavy bass tunes, smart words, and party mood.

According to the Founder, Femi Amele, ‘…We want our listener to keep Vibing in a club mood any time they want and have access to the creative features of over 10 DJs in a non-stop sequence’.
VibingLive gives expression to Nigerian music in a globally accessible means and building new connection among creative DJs, audience and brands. VibingLive is also available on over 40 music platforms and ready to play on call up on Alexa, Google Voice and other voice-activated assistants.

VibingLive Premium will have live party streams, club shows and global silent clubs.
VibingLive can be streamed on over 40 websites and app platforms in many major cities Abuja, Lagos, New York, London, Washington, Berlin. The music is also enjoyed in Germany, Romania, Russia, United States, United Kingdom & China.


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