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On Good Girl No Dey Pay: Bobrisky Might Be The Biggest Culture Influencer Of 2021


Who would have thought that Dangote, the richest black man who has lived a scandal-free life since becoming a public figure will start the year 2021 with a photo of his naked butt making more headlines than Lai Muhammad in Nigeria? E shock you, abi? 

What about every Musa, Ekaette and Uche talking about DNA test and how the government is supposed to make the test free and compulsory immediately after childbirth.
This tells you that 2021 is here with another level of gbas gbos and Twitter violence.

But just when you thought you have seen it all. Boom! Bobrisky comes with his new year advice for girls.
In the first video, Bobrisky says, good girls no dey pay.  ” I’m a good girl, I don’t like going out, I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend. E no dey pay.
Watch the video below 

In another video, he tells girls to stop f**king broke guys while showing off his jewellery.

At first, I thought Bobrisky was trying to set a new trend with her new year messages that publicly endorsed prostitution with pride, but after giving it some thoughts and seeing how many girls help amplify his voice by reposting  the video and announcing their “good girl no dey pay gang” membership, I have to agree that they have been hustling with their legs wide open and they only needed someone like Bobrisky to validate their belief in ” a blow job” is better than no job

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With this, it’s safe to say that Bobrisky is one of the biggest culture influencers in Nigeria having inspired people like James Brown to trade his path.

Like it or not, attention is the currency everyone is trading online and Bobrisky is enjoying it and using it to cash out.

We are just 7 days into 2021 and it seems like Bobrisky is having a great year.
 Just like Mercy of Big Brother normalized the use of butt and breast surgery for butt enlargement and Nengi came and made it popular, it will take another celebrity like Bobrisky to normalize and popularize ashawo.

Chances are, if someone like Bobrisky make it to the Big Brother House this year,  girls won’t be ashamed of being called ashawo again. They will carry their ashawo market on their head like Jheri curl  with pride.

Blame it on bad government or anything, truth is, that is where we are as a people at the moment. And if nothing is done, a time will come when a parent will ask his daughter what she wants to become and she will gladly say ashawo.

Right now, some people do not believe in acquiring skills anymore. They put less value on their academic certificate – all many are looking for now is money for surgery to enlarge their breasts and butt and money to buy kayamata products and start hustling.

How did we get here? I cannot tell. But I employ you to do what you can to take girls off the street and introduce something better to them.


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