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On Gratitude By Gthree Mayami, Music Artists And Their Social Media Content


Three months ago, I didn’t know there was a Port Harcourt artist by name Gthree Mayami. It’s surprising to know that he’s been doing music since 2016 and he has made some beautiful songs and yet I didn’t know him until recently.

When I connected with him a few weeks ago on Facebook, he was more like a low budget Port Harcourt Cubana Chief Priest as he was always posting pictures of himself with his fellow “party animals” in the club living the “abobi” lifestyle.

On a serious note, music artists should use their platforms to talk about their music and music-related activities more.

Some of us dey vibes pass una in our own terms but we want people to have a picture of what we do when they visit our pages. That’s why we don’t post them.

If you post about your time in the club more, many of us who don’t know about your music might think you are the future Oba Omega.

It’s just like me posting about my time in church all the time. Nothing is wrong with that but my potential clients might be confused as to whether I’m just a pastor or what I started in my bio. Even a pastor has a life outside the church. Look at what Pst Sam Adeyemi is doing. Amazing!

Check my Instagram post on content for music artists (follow @henshawjacobson)

That aside, even in his feel-good lifestyle, Mayami seems like a simple, happy, and no wahala gentleman who believes that “problem no dey finish”, hence the need to remove 2k from 5k once in a while and buy Tekena T Roberts BK Burger ( I’m yet to taste the burger though).

Now let’s talk about his latest song – GRATITUDE.

GRATITUDE is a timely song.

Aside Coronavirus, side chick wahala, recession, DNA test, End SARS Movement and all the gbas gbos, there’s need to be grateful and GRATITUDE by Gthree Mayami is the song for a grateful heart.

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He uses the song to encourage everyone to believe in their dreams.

In the song, he says “If you believe, you will receive, don’t let them deceive you, so you will achieve your dreams”.

In the last verse, he appreciated God, his family, friends, and supporters.

Of course, God has been faithful and it only makes sense to say Baba God thank you. That’s what GRATITUDE is all about.

On the flip side,  the song is lyrically scanty, short and ends abruptly.

Still, it’s a good song. It’s perfect if you want to dedicate a song to someone you appreciate.

My rating?


Have you listened to GRATITUDE by Gthree Mayami?
What are your thoughts?

Kindly share in the comments section.

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to listening to more songs by Port Harcourt artists and sharing my reviews.

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