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On Men Being Confused, The Love Triangle Between Ozo, Nengi and Dorathy: Here Is What Men Are Not Telling You


Most ladies think that men are confused and that men don’t know what they want.

I think that conclusion is from the federal bureau of “trust me, I know what I’m saying”.The truth is that everyone is either speaking from the point of knowledge or ignorance.You think men are confused? Well, if you’re among those always quoting  statistics from the federal bureau of “trust me, I know what I’m saying”, this is me telling you to off their mic because everything is not okay with your thoughts as they are from your shortsighted perspective.Now understand it from a man’s worldview.

Yes, I understand where they are coming from, but what many of them do not understand is that men are faced with conflicting desires, and the biggest struggle for men, in this case, is finding the personality we need in a body we like. Sadly, 9 out of 10 times, the body we like does not come with the personality we want. It’s kinda puzzling, to say the least. 
That’s why someone will say “she’s my spec” and later end up with the opposite of what he described as his spec. And this is evident in the current love triangle between Nengi, Ozo, and Dorathy in the lockdown big brother house .

One part of Ozo is like me- I cherish friendship more than anything else in a relationship, at the same time, I like original African woman, still, I put a premium value on the personality and I look out for intellectual compatibility, emotional maturity, financial intelligence, spiritual sensitivity, amongst others.

Now, let’s say I meet someone like Nengi who is physically my Juliet, meanwhile, I enjoy gisting, sharing ideas and getting supports from Dorathy, strategizing and enjoying intellectual intercourse with her. Obviously, I will look confused in their midst but I know what I want.
In my mind I will be like, I wish Dorathy’s personality was in Nengi’s body. Lolz. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. So what do I do? Of course, I try to keep the two of them.
Now that’s the genesis of cheating. 

Let me confess, 9 out of 10 times, we know what we want, but what we want is often in three or four girls 
It’s even more complicated when we have had someone who was everything but we are no longer together and we don’t want to get back instead looking for the exact thing or even better.
Please, Ozo is not confused.

Secondly, you need to understanding where he is in life currently.

What stage is he in life right now?
What is he looking for at the moment?
Are you want he wants now?

What are his relationship goals?

These questions are very important. 
Don’t expect someone who is looking for someone to knack to be committed. Unku is not ready for commitment, he’s only ready for the puna. Deal with it.

Remember that video that Tacha was saying if you want to f**k me, say that you want to f**k me, don’t come and disturb me with the relationship?Well, that was the first time I ever agreed with her. She was 110% right.
Some people just need to state what they want and not waste somebody’s time giving them hope 
Unku, tell her you to want the pekus, you no go die. If she gree, you go ahead, if she no gree, you off your mic and move.

Joke aside, you need to know where he is currently and what he wants. And it’s not about age or financial status.
Many of those guys who claimed they were looking for money to marry, now that corona has subsidized wedding and with just 100k or less, one can do his wedding, what are they waiting for? This would have been an opportunity but he does not have the balls to tell you that he is not ready for that level of commitment.

You say men are confused, they don’t know what they want. Aunty, you are the one that is confused here, I’m not sure there is a man who does not know what he wants.

Its either he has no seen what he wants, he’s still trying to confirm or you are in the middle of the book he is reading currently meanwhile you are done reading the same book and waiting for something more to read.

Me like this, I know my spec.
Don’t leave me螺


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