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Rasman OAU is Bringing Back Reggae with his forthcoming album “Reggae is Back Again”


We were at the Media Signing of RAS OAU by Indices Records in Port Harcourt over the weekend.
It turns out to be a unique event- something we have not witnessed before in Port Harcourt.

We were privileged to not only witness the epic event but also met with Ras Edu Dickson JP, The Grand patron of Rastafarians in Nigeria who also double as the West Africa Representative of Rastas. 

During the official unveiling, while Ras OAU talked about his love for reggae which dated back to 1984, his commitment to bring back reggae and his forthcoming album “Reggae is Back Again ”, for the grand patron of reggae in Nigeria, it was about flashbacks, blessings, spiritual consciousness and the reggae movement in Nigeria and the world at large.

“Am the spiritual Father of OAU, and spiritual Father of many well known reggae super Stars including Late Raskimono. I raised him and also buried him when he died”. Grand Patron Edu Dickson said after blessing Ras OAU and thanking Indices Records for their efforts in sustaining the reggae culture in Nigeria.

We ended up with an interview with the man of the moment himself, Ras OAU to get more details about his forthcoming album “Reggae is Back Again”

Note: This interview has been edited for length and Clarity.

First of all, congratulations on your new deal.
Okay. Let’s start by talking about your forthcoming album.

Rasman OAU : Yeah, it’s a 16 tracks album. We are dropping the first single off the album today . We will drop more before we release the full album.

The lead single is “Reggae is back Again”. We are bringing back reggae the way it used to be.

We got to meet the grand patron of Rastas in West Africa today and I didn’t know we had someone like him in Port Harcourt.

Rasman OAU: Yeah, that’s Rasman Edu Dickson , the grand patron of Rastas in Nigeria and the Rastafarian representative in West Africa. He has been committed to the Rasta movement and that’s why he is here today physically to witness my official signing.

Interesting! So how long have you been working on this album?

Rasman OAU: Some of the songs are as old as two years. But it was last Year between March and April that me and Indices come together to work on the album and we have been working tirelessly and we thank God that’s it’s ready.

What inspired the album and what message are you trying to pass with the album?

Rasman OAU: It’s about bringing back Reggae. It’s about consciousness, it’s about reality . some songs are gospel reggae, high life Reggae , some pure reggae and even Reggae Calypso. It’s just loaded.

How can anyone reading this access the album or be part of what you are doing?

Rasman OAU: The record label, Indices Records will release informations on the album release including how to stream or buy the album. For now, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram @Indicesrecords

We are looking forward to it. Meanwhile, what’s their social media handles so one can follow and stay updated?

Rasman OAU: The social media handle on all platforms is Indices Records.

Thank you for your time.


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