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Reflections on Changing Desires: When What We Once Craved No Longer Holds Meaning


One day, everything you desire today will no longer make sense….

Several years ago, my greatest desire was to be permanently employed by New Era Hospital in Aba where I did my 6 months compulsory SIWES Industrial Training….. My then boss, Oga Uche had what I call the perfect 👌 life – a job, one wife, and he was a pastor with a church in town….. I wanted to be like him.

Several years later, I wouldn’t take 5 million Naira Per Month to work in that hospital. In fact, my Brain 🧠 can only remember computer codes, not some enzymes, pathways, and all those Biochemistry stuff.

In my first year in School, I crushed on this girl… Chai…. I couldn’t even tell her how much ‘crush’ I poured on her in the secrecy of my heart ♥ until this day… Looking back, Chai, I just thank God that I didn’t tell her. SMH 🤦‍♂️.

I remember how I desired to own a certain Motorola phone codenamed “Razor” by Nigerians… Boy, I hustled but still couldn’t afford it. I sent out prayer requests asking God to touch someone’s heart to give me their used Motorola razor. Several years later, hehehe, you and I wouldn’t take that phone as a gift.

Friends, someday all the things you desire today will no longer make sense. Some of you are desiring a certain girl or guy who is not giving you the attention you deserve, when the universe gives you your perfect soul mate, you will judge your intelligence for ever desiring someone who didn’t have your time.

Someday, you will get a job that will make you look stupid for ever imagining sleeping with that ‘big man’ just to be his PA.
Someday, you will buy a car that will make you feel too desperate for ever trying to do something stupid just to get a ride in a range rover.

What’s your most pressing desire today? 🤔 A house? New car? Oversea trips? Money? Love? Whatever it is, someday you will realize it really wasn’t worth all the stress.

Please calm down and take life one day at a time.

Written by Charles Awuzie


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