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Rev Biodon Fatoyinbo Unveils The MUSIC MINISTERS For COZA 12 DG 2024


 It was such an electrifying service during the COZA Tuesday service at the COZA Headquarters in Guzape, Abuja as The Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo, the global senior pastor of Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly ( COZA) ,  unveiled the lineup of highly anointed Music Ministers set to be a blessing at the upcoming epochal COZA 12Days of Glory 2024, scheduled to hold from January 1st to 12th, 2024. 

The COZA 12 Days of Glory 2024 is a supernatural meeting that spans 12 days, with each day representing a month of the year. It is characterised by prayer, fasting, worship and the Word with tonnes of testimonies pouring in all through the course of the year. 

Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo unveiled twelve music ministers three of which are from the COZA City Music. The fact that they are twelve and the program is for twelve days means there’s going to be one music minister every day. 

The 12 music ministers unveiled by Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo for the COZA 12 Days of Glory 2024 are : 

Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank is a member of the COZA City Music group and he’s a great worship leader who needs no introduction in COZA. But for the first time at the 12 Days of Glory, everyone will experience the electrifying ministration of Minister Daniel Frank (@minister_df ) during the COZA 12DG 2024. Announcing Daniel Frank as one of the music ministers for 12 DG 2024, Rev Biodun recounted how he visited him while he was sick and God told him he would be alive and would minister at the COZA 12 Days of Glory 2024.


Gift Ugochukwu Christopher popularly known as GUC is perhaps one of the most featured music ministers at COZA. 

However, One thing we are sure of during the ministration of @Ministerguc at the COZA 12DG 2024 is the sweet fellowship with the Trinity. You can rest assured that Heaven will rain down upon us. 

Joe Mettle

Joe Mettle , a Ghanaian gospel recording artist and worship leader will also make his debut at the COZA 12 Days of Glory as announced by Rev Biodun Fatoyinbo.

We can’t wait to join the angels to chant “Kadosh” to the Holy God as we receive the anointed ministry of Minister @joemettle for the first time during the #COZA 12DG 2024. 

Esther Oji

As expected, Esther Oji is returning once again as music minister at 12 DG 2024. She has one of the most unique voices in the gospel music world. When Esther sings, the atmosphere shifts and this time everyone is expecting more. 

Elijah Daniels

Elijah Daniels is also coming back. Speaking during his unveiling, Pastor Biodun mentioned that they don’t bring people because they did well the last time but because God has instructed him to bring them again, one such person instructed by God to feature at 12 DG 2024 is Elijah Daniels. 

Abbey Ojomu

Abbey Ojomu is also making her debut at the COZA 12 Days of Glory. With her album, Sound of The King, Abbey Ojomu has touched millions of lives across the world and we can’t wait for what God will do through her ministration at COZA 12 Days of Glory 2024. 


Be ready to praise God with the sound of a trumpet and spirit-inspired songs at the #COZA12DG2024 as Minister Jumbo Aniebet ( @ jumboane ) rends the heavens.

Okopi Peterson

Rendering our ‘Osuba’ and doing our Victory dance is one moment we can’t wait for at the #COZA12DG2024 as Minister Peterson Okopi ( @okopi_peterson ) leads us in intimate worship moments.

Douye Ajeh

There’s always a sudden shift in the atmosphere when Minister Douye Ajeh (@ajehdouye ) worships and we truly await that experience at the #COZA12DG2024

Chigozie Wisdom


We sing his songs and we are enraptured in the humble worship of our King and now we are excited to join Minister MOG ( @mogmusic ) to lay down our crowns in sincere worship at the #COZA12DG2024

Dare Justified

Minister Dare Justified (@darejustified ) brings to life the phrase “Undignified Praise” at every instant of his ministration and we are getting ready to join him in making Heaven reverberate with high praises at the #COZA 12DG 2024 


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