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Shiloh 2023 Messages: Unveiling the Supernatural Power of Love By David Oyedepo


Title: Unveiling the Supernatural Power of Love

Preacher : Bishop David Oyedepo

A genuine love for God will turn you into a path-finder, pacesetter, and a trailblazer.

A genuine love for God gives a believer access to the deep things of God that make high-flyers of believers.

A genuine love for God makes a believer secure divine presence and makes you an impossible case for the devil. – 1 John 4:15-16

Divine presence makes love the greatest spiritual virtue.

Love for God secures divine presence for the believer.

True lovers of God are indestructible because they dwell in God.

Keep your love for God alive; it is your ultimate security in these hard times.

Battles clear the way for true lovers of God because they carry the presence of God.

A genuine love enables you to wear God as a garment.

When you wear divine presence as a garment, you will come out of the fiercest battle of life without a scratch.

When the love of God is at work in your life, great things happen on their own accord. – Rom. 8:2

What is Love?

  1. It is a God-first lifestyle. – Matt. 22:37-40
  2. It is placing God above all others, including yourself. – Luke 14:26-27
  3. It is a kingdom advancement priority lifestyle. – Matt. 6:33
  4. It is loving what God loves. – John 21:15
  5. It is denying oneself for Christ’s sake. – Luke 9:23

The love of God enhances your access to revelation. – John 15:15

The larger your heart is for God, the greater your access is to revelation.

The absence of access to revelation is the breeding ground for frustration. – Isa. 5:13

Real famine is not the famine of food, it is the famine of the Word.

It takes revelation to break forth in these hard times.

It is not enough to love God, it is more important to remain in love with Him.

Staying in love is what retains God’s presence.

Physical Proofs of Love as stated in scriptures.

If you love God, you will:

  • Love His Word. – Ps. 119:97
  • Love His house. – Ps. 112:1
  • Delight in keeping His commandments. – John 14:21
  • Serve Him cheerfully. – 1 Cor. 4:21
  • Give to the cause of His Kingdom. – 1 Chr. 29:3
  • Give to the needy around you. – 1 John 4:21


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