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Six Lessons That Coronavirus Lockdown Has Taught Nigerians


Who would have thought that a place like Wuhan will be the most talked-about city in 2020?

Well, the world cannot ignore a place that birthed the virus that caused the biggest economic and health crisis after World War 2.

Finally, I can relate with my grandpa when he talks about the Biafran War and how they survived it.

Someday, I will tell my children and grandchildren how I survived Coronavirus, Slimcase and the hoil, audio palliatives, Abba Kyari’s drama, conspiracy theories, and more.

Just like every pandemic, COVID-19 brought some experiences and here are the six lessons Coronavirus has taught every Nigerian:

1. Social Capital Is Priceless
When I first had a conversation with Angel D Laugh about how those who know people will not struggle to survive the Coronavirus  lockdown, I flashed back to the things I have achieved with my social capital, I remembered the day I needed to help a family friend who had badged somebody’s car and the security personnel was involved to settle them.
On getting there, I noticed that they have already exhausted all the insults and English they knew how to speak and all I needed was money to fix the car. Unfortunately, I was not with enough money; neither did I go with my dictionary to blow my own grammar, and I was not ready for the “do you know me?” ”I will show you who I am kind of argument”. The worst part, I didn’t have access to money at that moment.
I put a call to four friends, within 20 minutes, I had raised 50k. It was unbelievable as I never had a situation like that before. After everything, I called and explained things to them.
Do you believe they all asked me to forget about paying back the money?Well, that was the day I realized the power of the network and social capital.And this was three years ago.
Also, during this lockdown, people have called to know how I’m faring and if I needed foodstuff. I can only smile and thank God.
Conversely, if you are reading this and you don’t have five people you can call to send you N5000 if there is an emergency, maybe it’s time to review your network and start investing in your social capital.
The need to invest in your social capital cannot be overemphasized.All the money you will ever need are in people’s hands. Social capital can save you money, make you money, get you a better job, give you your dream husband or wife, it can save you from prison, it can save you time, It can give you contract, the list is endless.
A lot of times I hear people say things like ”I don’t know anybody”. The truth is, if you build relationships with people, soon you will discover that the network you have built can be more important than your family connections.

Books I can recommend for you:
1. How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

2. The psychology Of Influence By Robert Cialdini

They are my best books for social psychology, building influence, and network.
It’s time to connect with people and be valuable to them.
And remember, you don’t start a relationship when you need help, instead build your bridges before you ever need to cross them to your destination.

2. Saving For The Rainy Day
Some people will receive their salary and spend it all without thinking about saving.Now, nobody will tell us to take our finances seriously or develop the habit of savings as many of us have learned it the hard way.
Corona has taught us financial intelligence. Lol.

3. Health Is Better Than Wealth
Suddenly, we have realized that health workers are the real MVPs.We are now learning how to wash our hands regularly and maintain proper hygiene. We now pay attention to our immune system.
Even our politicians who used to think that they can fly out of the country anytime for medical treatment will now rethink how they run our health sector.
What a great teacher corona is!

4. Invest More Than You Spend
Still in this period, Kanye West reached his billionaire status. How did he achieve it? Through his investment.
You might not have much cash, but with your investment, you can get a loan, sell your share, and money can never be your problem. Unfortunately, many of us have only been spending without investing in any asset.
After everything is settled, more people will consider more investment opportunities than spending opportunities.

5. Having A Side Hustle
Finally, Nigeria cheating men and women will agree that a side hustle is better than a side chick or sugar boy.
Covid-19 is perhaps the biggest economic crisis the world has experienced as every industry is affected and there is no job security for any employee.
Now many will consider online businesses.

6. Family Is Everything
Happiness during the coronavirus pandemic is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family.
They’re still there for you, and they’re more than willing to lend a helping hand. If you ever hit a wall, you can be sure they will be there to help you get back on your feet.
The side chick-wifey drama is no more a thing as men are forced to stay with their women and side chicks have little or no value at this time.
We have all realized that when there is no where to run to, our family is our last hope.

There’s never a shortage of compassion or understanding when it comes to your family. Unfortunately, many of us didn’t know this before now.


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