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The number one secret of economic success is to understand how to become more valuable in the marketplace. It’s to Learn more in order to earn more. To have more, you have to become more.

Friend, never wait for a dollar to become a naira, it may not happen in your lifetime. Therefore, never wish it will be easier, all you need is to become better in order to be able to worth more in order to be highly sought after on your own sphere of influence.

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Work on your job and not in your job. Stop at nothing, until you become number one on your career. Get on the steering wheel of your destiny if you don’t want to end your life in regret.

Happiness and success are not a matter of your bank account, rather it depends on what you do with the resources in your custody. Life is tough and it tests each of us daily. Struggle is an inevitable part of life.

Life is tough, and so you are. Focus on the resources you have instead of worrying about what you don’t. You are always one decision away from a promising future.

It is your choices of today and not your present circumstances that determines your destiny. Why do you want to live an ordinary life, when a extraordinary one is just a decision away.

I love one thing about life and that is, you can change any pattern of your life you don’t like. Just like an eraser, you can erase poverty and write prosperity on the plate of your destiny. You can eradicate sickness and write sound health.

You can work for what you like and get it as Jacob worked for 14 years just to get Rachel. He didn’t stop at Leah until he got his Rachel. Good is a enemy of better. Better is an enemy of best.

That’s the same way the law guiding success works. On your struggles to where you are going, many lesser options come your way, wanting to make you accept what you didn’t set out for. Your thick skin to say no to what you don’t want will ultimately lead you to the real thing you want in life.

Never settle for less. Never beg for what you can earn with honour. Never behave as poor just because you are broke. Never allow artificial scarcity to push you to a mindset of lack and penury. Never call a cow an uncle because you want to eat beef. Declare your independence.

There is nothing called lack in the discussions that goes on at the executive lounge of the Transcorp Hilton Abuja. Beware who you listen to. Beware of who speaks to you on Sunday morning. Beware who pastors you. Your realities today is an evidence your yesterday confession.

There are billionaires in Haiti, and there are very poor people also in New York. Don’t be deceived, places don’t make people, it’s people that make places. I will show you 10 STEPS TO SUCCESS in tomorrow’s episode.


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