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CEO Of Fausty Flawless Touch, Ossaiga Faustina Releases Stunning Photos To Celebrate Her Birthday


The birthday girl is happy and grateful, and she is not keeping calm for anything.

A birthday is a special day for almost everyone. For most people, It’s that day you have valid reasons for frivolous spending and partying. For the CEO Fausty Flawless Touch, it’s all about GRATITUDE.

In her Facebook post, she wrote:

“Dear God, Thank you for being my eyes.
For all the times you help me see past what was before me, especially those ones that were beautiful, enticing, seemed right and logical. And guiding me towards the right decision.

I’m grateful 

Happy birthday to the most courageous woman I know, Ossaiga Faustina you are a spec oh ”

And here is what she has to say in her first birthday post: “She has the mindset of a queen and the heart of a warrior
She is everything all at once and too much for anyone who doesn’t deserve her 

Makeup: fausty_flawless_touch
Dress: @bb’s collection Bose Akinyemi Ozoemena
Photography: FameUs Shiropet Joshua”

But that’s not all. She has an awoof birthday offer for anyone who wants to learn makeup artistry and the makeup business. The fee for the training is N80,000 but because it’s her birthday, she’s allowing intending students to pay N50,000 instead of N80,000. What a great way to celebrate a birthday 

Meanwhile, we also join the world to celebrate her and wish her the best on her birthday even as we pray she has only good things to write in her Diary. Happy Birthday, Faustina!


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