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The Creative Hub Port Harcourt announces date for the Afro street Festival 2021, Unveils official Theme


Anticipation and excitement build-up, as the garden city of Port Harcourt, prepares for one of the biggest events in the Niger Delta – The Afro Street Festival!

The festival, which seeks to bridge an ever-widening gap between cultural and contemporary style, is one that usually comes up at the tail end of the year since its first edition in 2018, which is also why it is the most anticipated.

The Afro Street Festival takes a whole different approach to events in the city, with the festival usually held in the open streets of Port Harcourt.

Highly rated by the over 10,000 spectators from the past editions who visit from within and outside the city of Port Harcourt for its top-notch security; the festival features a whole load of activities, touching every sphere of art, music, dance, comedy, poetry, visual arts, and numerous performing arts.

There is never a dull moment, as the shouts and cheers of the audience is felt miles away, with the cascade of events lined up to heat the atmosphere. From fire eaters to bikers, to awesome models adorned in cultural attire, the fashion festival is a combination of western and African fashion designed by top fashion designers from the city, most of whom had also practiced their art outside the country.

The Afro Street Festival which had seen a gradual rise in reception by the Port Harcourt youth had to take a break last year, with the ban on public gatherings as a result of the deadly pandemic.

But this year, the festival has returned with many flavours and spark to light up the lives of the Port Harcourt people. Unlike previous editions that were held for just a day, the build up for the third edition involves a series of pre-events to build anticipation for the festival proper. This year’s edition is a ‘dream come true.

The organizers of the festival have decided to fulfill the wishes of the ever-demanding audience. The festival starts with a soiree; A night of African dance, music. This is the official public launch. The African Soiree is a therapeutic evening with the finest people in the creative industry, treating them to a serene art, sandwiched with graceful Afro music, to usher in the much anticipated Afro Street Festival. The soiree will be held at the Creative Hub in GRA Port Harcourt on Saturday, the 25th day of September 2021.

Following the Soiree, Afro Street Festival will be emptying the museums to entertain her audience, for a week. The organizers have been combing for every valuable artwork to be displayed to her audience at Alliance Franchise from Saturday, October 23rd – Saturday 30th October 2021; 10 am prompt daily.

For this year’s edition, the festival is living up to her theme ‘TENACITY’. With a short film expo that will be featured at the end of the Art exhibition on Saturday, 30th October 2021 at WildHeat followed by an Art Workshop on November 13th, 202.

The main event will then be held on Saturday, 4th of December 2021 at the Omeyal Street – GRA Port Harcourt.The Afro Street Festival would be giving back with a charity project to reach out to Street Kids to support more than 100 children.

The Afro Street Festival is seeking out Partners to provide different sector services and also host our Giveaways for Competitions

Like to Sponsor a Giveaway or Provide a service to us free or at heavily discounted rates please reach out on 09099050450


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