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The End Of Godfatherism In Nigerian Politics Will Start With Edo State – Gov Wike


The Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, who is the chairman of the Edo State PDP governorship election national campaign council, while speaking at the campaign rally for Gov Abaseki on Tuesday, September 15th 2020,  said that the end of Godfatherism in Nigeria would start from Edo State.

Governor Wike urges Edo people to be vigilant and ensure that their votes count.

He called on the people of Edo State to come out in their numbers, to ensure the forthcoming Governorship election is free and fair by defending their votes.

He said, “by the grace of God the election has been won by Godwin Obaseki.””Don’t say because you have won you would go and sleep, we are waiting for INEC to formally announce Godwin Obaseki as Governor of Edo state.”

 He explained that inspite of the usual assurances of a free and fair election given by INEC and the Police the people still had a role to play.
“The Inspector General of Police said it would be free and fair, the INEC Chairman said it would be free and fair, but you must be vigilant.  You too have to help make sure it is free and fair 
“The only way INEC would announce the results is if all of us are vigilant.””All the women, all the men all the boys, all the girls wear your jeans and follow the votes bumper to bumper until the election result is announced.”

He told the people that the end of Godfatherism in Nigeria would begin from Edo State and “everybody that wants to fight Godfatherism in Nigerian politics should come out and make sure Godwin Obaseki is announced as Governor of Edo state”
“The end of godfatherism in Nigerian politics would start from Edo State.” He said.

In the video, Wike is seen dancing to a popular campaign song for his 2019 election. He also said that what happened to APC in Rovers State in 2019 should happen in Edo State.

Meanwhile, we are waiting to see what happens after the election on Saturday.


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