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The Mayor Of Housing Advocates Professionalism In The Real Estate Industry, Shares Plans To Set Up An International Real Estate Institute In Nigeria


The Mayor of Housing also known as My-Ace China is advocating for PROFESSIONALISM in the real estate industry in Nigeria. He is also planning to set up an international real estate institute in Nigeria as part of his commitment to solving the housing problems in Nigeria even as he sanitizes the real estate industry for better value delivery .

Over the weekend in the city of Port Harcourt, a first-of-its-kind realtors’ conference with the theme; Real Estate Affiliate Marketing, was held.

The seminar was organized by OGSL, Otonye Global Services Limited, a real estate company in partnership with the Mayor of Housing, who also doubled as the keynote speaker of the event.

In his speech, the Mayor of housing opined that the real estate industry in Nigeria is highly deregularized and disorganized because there is no real estate institution where realtors can get the requisite training and certifications to practice, which is why anybody on the street can claim to be a realtor or an agent without even being in the industry or knowing anything about real estate.


He also used the opportunity to share what he and his team are working on. Instead of realtors waiting for such institutions to be established by the government, which might not happen in 20 years, he is already working with some partners in the Institute of Information Management to set up a world-class institute of real estate in Nigeria, with all the international certifications that allow training and regulations.

He, however, charged the realtors present to work on themselves and create the capacity for them to be professionals and distinguish themselves in the space.

He said, it is not capital or what you have that determines your success in the industry but what you are! And what you are, is created by your intrinsic capacity. He urged all the participants to have the requisite knowledge for them to become world-class professionals by studying relevant materials in their field.

The MD of OGSL, Mr. Obinna Tamuno Tonye Okafor said that meeting the Mayor of Housing has been the best blessing in his life because the Mayor Housing inspired him to start his own company. After he had done his transactions with the Mayor and watched carefully how the Mayor of Housing handled those transactions professionally and so well that he was inspired to start knowing that; if the Mayor of Housing can do it, he also can do it.

Mr. Tamuno Tonye promised to host more seminars and conferences of such value and impact, maintaining that this is just the first in the series of professional meetings that will take place in Port Harcourt and different cities across the country to educate and give realtors the opportunity to not only get knowledge about real estate but also make money through their affiliation with OGSL.

The highlight of the event was when the company, OGSL presented an award of honour and patronship to the Mayor of Housing who was recently crowned The Housing King of Port Harcourt. This is a another feather in the cap of the Mayor of Housing.

The Mayor of Housing is not only solving the housing problems in Nigeria with his innovative Social Funding real estate solutions but also making sure that the real estate industry is sanitized for better value delivery and standardization.

Connect with the Mayor of Housing on social media @Myace_china


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